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Common advantages and disadvantages of blogging

The advantages of blogging definitely surpassed it’s disadvantages with a huge distance. That is why I don’t want to compare them.

I just wanted to say what the blogging actually is. Is it fully advantageous or not? It goes without saying that blogging is how much beneficial.

But everywhere you will get two sides in terms of positive and negative issues. And I discussed here both on blogging.

Common advantages and disadvantages of blogging

What exactly blogging means?

Blogging is an activity of individuals to create contents to publish online. Blogging actually started as a thinking sharing platform of individual people. But nowadays business owners also incorporating blogging options in their business website, as it can create value to businesses. Whatever it is, blogging is still suitable for individual ones.

Advantages of blogging

1. Become your own boss

No one will annoy you whatever you do on your personal blog, as you are the boss hare. Basically, I don't like anybody to operate me. I like my own success and even failures.

Take you personal blog as a business, and represent it as a brand. Become your own Boss and generate profit using your blog by implementing your own plans and strategies.

2. Make passive income

Besides sharing your personal thoughts, you can generate money from your personal blog. Blogging business is becoming popular day by day as it produces passive income.

If you are earning money by doing nothing or even in sleeping that is called passive income. When you create a blog site and publish content, it will make money continuously if you do everything perfectly.

3. Share your thoughts and skills with others

Almost everyone has tend to express themselves to others, this is how they can show their skills. When you will see people are getting your contents helpful, you will be much happier.

It is pleasure to help others and solve their problems by suggesting for the best.

4. Work from anywhere

As blogging is an online activity, you can work from anywhere with an internet connection. There no need to physical arrangement to build up a successful blog site.

It will give you more independence to travel around the world, and blogging also provide you money to travel.

5. Improve your skills

If you are skilled at something, just teach it to others. This is how you will be mastered at that particular skill.

Basically, blogging helps writers to consecutively do more better. If you are writing posts in your expertise area, you will equally improve your experience and also writing skill.

6. Build your online brand

Blogging helps to create a strong online identity that can even help you to make familiarize in physical world.

Online brand identity could be your insensible asset. Creating a brand is not so easy, but blogging is now very popular to make a brand successful.

7. Grow career prospectus

In number of ways, blogging can help you to build up your career. I already mentioned that how blogging can help you to create a brand and also help to make passive income.

You can use your blogging website as a portfolio. You can also add a hiring option that is how you can work for your clients. PhpPot could be an example of such website

Disadvantages of blogging

1. It can cause loneliness

Even a single person can create and run a blogging site. But there obviously exist huge work pressure.

I did everything on my own from developing this website to creating and publishing contents. It needs a quiet place to perform tasks properly, and that is how sometimes I fell alone.

2. Too much work pressure

No matter whether you are working with a team or alone, you need to complete a large amount of work to be succeed. If you work with your team, you need to ensure proper monitoring.

If your planning goes wrong, all of your efforts will go in vain.

3. Huge competition

In blogging career, you must face a huge competition in work with popular niches. It is too hard for beginners to com pate with stable competitors.

You have to provide better content than your competitor’s ones to survive. Researching the competitor’s website is essential to provide better content.

Form keyword research to publish content, you need to research your competition level.

4. Need to maintain discipline

Blogging requires a lot of and discipline that you have to maintain properly. You need to create your plan and the content structure wisely, use your time more precisely. If you fail to maintain essential things, you will end of with nothing

5. It don’t always make money

Your blogging first need to help the audiences, and then the audiences will help you to generate money later. If you fail to attract your readers you will also fail to produce money from your blog.

Bloggers, who only intent to make money from blogging, they lose their steam after failing to generate income initially.

6. Spend a lot of time on the internet

You should spend huge amount of time on Internet to understand your audience and your competitors. The most time consuming process is to researching, creating, and updating contents throughout the internet.

Unavailability of enough internet can cause you a failure. You also need a huge amount of time to spend on blogging to be succeed.

How to start a blogging website?

To create a blogging website, you can follow the step by step process.

Step 1. Select your blogging niche

Step 2. Choose the perfect domain name

Step 3. Get a well performed hosting service

Step 4. Find out your desired CMS or website building platform

Step 5. Set up your website pages

Step 6. Create contents and launch your website


After knowing both advantages and disadvantages of blogging, you will be able to get precise decision. It also help you to emphasize on work for acquiring more benefit. Otherwise, you will get a clear overview about what to avoid.

Tarikul islam

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