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5 key benefits of blogging for digital marketing

Blogging is very popular among marketers because of its effectiveness. As a blogger, I have discovered the key benefits of blogging for digital marketing.

Are you a marketer? Do you want to get best outcome with lower costs? I guess your answer is ‘Yes’, as you are here. 

I highly recommend you to start blogging today if you have not started yet. Just keep reading and learn about it. 

Key benefits of blogging for digital marketing

What is blogging?

Blogging is the activity of creating written content to publish ones website’s blog. There can have different purposes of blogging. Many companies use it as marketing channel. Some people write blog posts to generate passive income. 

Benefits of blogging for digital marketing

1. Blogging builds your brand and company voice

By doing blogging, you can create your own brand identity. Nowadays blogging is becoming popular day by day. Because more and more users finding it helpful to promote brands. It is the way how a brand can promote itself by helping peoples.

A blogger can easily implement company's voice in blog contents. In this way, people will be more familiar with the company unintentionally.

You can run a blogging site according to your own rules after knowing your audiences. Yes, here it is easy to track the audiences and understand their mind. While knowing them clearly, you will be able to create your new brand effctively.

2. It helps derive traffic to your website

No matter you are running what type of website for which purposes, you should include a blogging option in every site to get more traffic. 

Write post related to your product or services within your niche. If you do everything properly, search engines will drive organic traffic to your website.

You can market your products and services for free using your blog. Blogging could be a cost effective marketing solution, and the result will be highly effective. 

3. You will get potential customers from search engines

Search engines show the results according to the keyword what users are searching for. And this is the reason why searchers could be your potential customer. In this way they find out the things what they exactly want. 

In the buying journey, this types of users are usually stay in the last stages. That's mean they previously know about the product, and search for it on search engines and then visit their desired website to buy the product finally.

In traditional marketing strategies, you have to reach the customers to let them know about your products or services. But blogging, as a digital marketing channel, bring the exact customers to you instead. 

4. Blog content is easy to share on social medias

In current generation, almost everyone is using different social media platforms where they share their daily life. Social media sites are the best place to understand the customers and convince them to buy your product.

To convince them, you need to inform about your product to them. For best practices, you can share your blog contents repeatedly on social media platforms.

If you directly write your post on social media instead of sharing blog content, it won't be a good idea for many reasons.

First of all, people are not used to read in depth content on social media. Secondly, it is not possible to organize contents and add multimedia perfectly. Furthermore, social media posts only available on newsfeed for a short time.

So, you need to share contents through website blog. It definitely seems professional and able to gather more trust. 

5. Let people learn about products or services to buy

Customers usually buy any particular product after knowing about it clearly. Blogging is the best way that is how you can let your audiences to learn about your products or services.

Nowadays product review campaign is becoming very popular day by day. Bloggers make review on different types of best products and services and they also get paid.

If you have a blogging website, you will be able to market your products for free. You have also a chance here to generate passive income by reviewing other's products. Similarly,you can emphasize other bloggers to promote your products.

How to start blogging for business?

There are few steps to start blogging. To learn them follow the steps below.

  1. Create and launch a website (If not available yet)

  2. Add blogging functionalities on your site

  3. Create contents under your niche

  4. Publish contents on your site

  5. Share your blog on social media platforms


Blogging is a cost effective marketing solution. If you spend too much on blogging, then something definitely going wrong. You should better focus on your website SEO. 

While everything doing perfectly, search engines will give you huge number of organic traffic. Blogging is beneficial to your marketing, only if you do everything precisely. 

Tarikul islam

About Torikul islam

Torikul islam is a professional web developer and affiliate marketer. Join Torikul to learn how to start a website and operate it well. He started his Web Developement career from Bangladesh Association of Software and Information (BASIS) in 2015. Later he continiued his journey to expanding knowledge and sharing it with others.

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