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Choose the best CMS for your Website - Things you need to know

It is essential to get the best CMS for your Website to manage well. A quality CMS provides the framework and features for web design and development while the most important thing is to grow your online presence.

You are here just because you want to know how to choose the Best CMS and what are the characteristics of a quality CMS - Right?

Keep reading my discussion to get the best one for you.

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How to choose the best CMS?

Simply the answer depends on your website type and requirements. Then you have to identify different functionality that is essential to run your website. Don't go after lots of functionality, just find out the essential functionality.

For instance, if you want to build up a simple blogging website, then ecommerce functionality won't be worth any means. 

I pointed here some basic characteristics of the Best CMS, which may meet your fundamental requirements. 

Ease of Use:

It is important to back-end users how they feel by using the control panel. A user-friendly control panel makes more emphasis to do the tasks perfectly. 

CMS should be also developer-friendly so that they can create a variety of layouts and navigation menus on the admin panel. 

As the back-end part also control both the front-end and back-end of a website, overall website performance goes under the control panel user experience. 

Website type and complexity:

Website types matter when choosing the Best CMS platform for your website. What types of websites do you want to run? Is it an e-commerce website, a personal blogging website, or an educational website? 

So first of all, decide on your desired type of website, it will help you to choose a perfect CMS platform. If you randomly choose a platform and select wrongly, it won't return the best even if the CMS platform is prominent. 

Then website complexity is also a major factor in choosing the Best CMS platform. Not all CMS can perform everything you need. Take research before choosing a platform for your website. 

The technical structure of CMS:

It is all about the development and what your programmers need. Does the CMS follow best practices in terms of back-end management? Do your current developers have the experience to optimally use the CMS, or will significant training or new programmers be required?

Find out the answers to those questions and match what the provider offers, then decide what is your actual recruitment to get the best one. 

Available Template themes:

Just take a look at the available templates and themes. How many templates and themes are available in their store to choose the best alternative. A large number obviously helps you to explore more to choose the best one. 

But the large number is not everything, quality is the first priority. Some larger website owners use custom build themes to ensure top quality. So you should also look for the options if CMS allows custom-made themes or not. 


When you think about a CMS for your Website, then you must choose a highly customizable one. Does the CMS allow drag and drop customization system? Does it allow WYSIWYG versus field-based input? How much flexibility does it provide to developers to add functions independently? 

Customization capability is great for you, but unnecessary and over-customization capability can ruin your effort in case of mistakes. So be happy with the moderate customization capability that you actually need. 

SEO functionality:

It goes without saying that SEO is how much important to your website. Different CMS offers different SEO options, and sometimes they also offer free plugins for SEO. 

So take a look at available offerings for search engine optimization. Not all available options are fully comfortable to use, so take a little research on usability.  


Scalability is the measure of a system's ability to increase or decrease performance. Change is inevitable for any growing website and changes make an impact. 

Make sure you choose a CMS solution that can quickly adjust your growing website and scale as needed.

Self-controlled CMS:

This means the CMS is installed on web servers you control. It could be different types of servers like Shared, VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated. The key thing is you have full control over a particular server where CMS is set up. 

Some providers don't give you full access to your databases because you host your site on their personal server. They offer their servers because some beginner users like to do things without much effort and knowledge.

If you want to go such a shortcut way, you won't get full control over your CMS. But full control is necessary for customization and taking backups. 


The amazing thing is major CMS platforms are open-sourced. So try a platform that is open-sourced because open-source software is more secure and highly recognized. Open-source means anyone has the right to use and customize the codes of software. 

Due to that reason, all bugs are fixed by different users. Open-source software is free to use, so you can try a CMS before spending money to buy plugins or themes. 

Open-source software doesn't mean that you will get everything for free, it only provides basic functionality. You have to buy advanced functionality to add later purposes. 

Available Support:

Support is very essential for such kind of software because only highly technicians can solve some issues within it. There are lots of folders and functions to develop the back-end part, and there have strict rules to do things. 

A system should have everything you need, support is also a vital component here. Maintaining this for your developers' flawless works without disrupting the creation and management of content is sure to save your business time and money.


It is not all about just making a website, you have to grow it as well. So try to find out the essential features, not a lot of features. 

I hope this guide will help you to determine how to choose the Best CMS for your blog or business website. 

Be sure that your preferred CMS meets your website type and requirements. Not all platforms aren’t preferred for all even including amazing features. 

I recommend you decide on your web design and development requirements first. Then go for customization functionality and lastly take a look over scalability and usability.

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