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How to choose the best web hosting? - Essential things you need to know

It is crucial to choose the perfect web hosting if you want to run and maintain your website properly.

Many people choose the wrong web hosting due to a lack of proper information. As a result, they fail to get a proper result.

Good hosting can ensure a better user experience, and the search engines also like a healthy first website. So I discussed here how to choose the best web hosting, which definitely helps you to get a better one.

choose the best web hosting

How to choose the best web hosting?

Choosing the right web hosting is not a big deal if you know everything clearly. Keep reading and explore what you actually need to get a proper one.

High-quality features:

Every hosting provider provides some features attractive with their services. A lot of features do not always define a good hosting service, so you should ensure the quality.

High-quality features enhance the website's performance by increasing webpage loading speed. You will experience unlimited bandwidth and a user-friendly control panel while choosing rich-featured hosting. 

Storage and bandwidth:

This is the main focused point when you look for the best web hosting. If you don't run a large business website, then little storage is enough for you. But bandwidth still matters even for your personal blogging website. 

A lot of visitors can visit your website and could be even a single page. Every visitor consumes transmitter data equal to the page size they visit. Some hosting providers restrict that transmitted data limit and some others do not. 

Website size is not relevant to bandwidth limit, it's all about the number of visitors visiting a particular website within a given amount of time. 

Average uptime:

Most of the major companies offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Uptime refers to the time which keeps live the website through an active web server within a year. The server makes a very short downtime due to maintenance. 

No company can ensure a 100% uptime guarantee. A 99.99% uptime is extremely good, but a 97.00% is also a not bad uptime for me. 

Nowadays almost all hosting companies offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee, but that actually always true. So you should purchase your hosting from a reliable provider. 

Some companies also offer compensation for failing to fulfill the guarantee, you can choose one of them. Otherwise, you can follow some websites that are monitoring the regular performance of some major hosting providers. 

Databases and accounts:

I hope you don't want to limit your database number, email accounts, and FTP accounts. So please do check for it before purchasing your hosting packages. 

While some hosting providers still don't restrict you to using unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts, and databases, then why do you go for a restricted service. The only reason could be the overall hosting features. 

File limitation:

A lot of hosting providers don't disclose this limitation, it may cause you a problem in the future. So contact hosting providers before purchasing your desired hosting packages if there is a file upload limitation or not. 

What actually happens when you use a hosting service that has file upload limitations? You won't be able to upload any files after reaching a certain number of uploaded files. 

There is not necessary to look at this feature deeply if you don't work with a large scale of files. Because hosting providers always allow you to upload a large scale of files, even if there is an upload limitation. Files could be any type like images, documents, etc. 

Speed and efficiency:

Website speed is directly related to search engine ranking. Bad web page speed makes more bounce rates. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who are visiting a particular website and leaving it without doing anything. 

If a webpage is loading and loading without showing actual content, then users obviously tend to leave it even without scrolling. Because it hampers the efficiency of reaching the content. 

Good value:

Don't spend too much money on your web hosting plan without deciding your actual needs. Use small disk space if that is enough for you. If you don't need extra features, then please don't spend money buying those unnecessary things. 

I hope this initial decision will help you to scale up your business in the future, so try to become economical. 

Control panel:

Not all hosting providers provide the same control panel, even a few of them provide not at all. If you want to ensure the flexibility of the control panel, then ask them for a demo. 

Some hosting providers also provide a second control panel within their website, which is really good. 


Always try to find out hosting service that is easy to use with its rich features and control panel, it will save you both time and money. 

Try a beginner-friendly hosting service. Beginner-friendly doesn't mean the service is only for beginners, I think advanced users will get the most benefit from it. 

Security and performance:

If you fail to ensure the security of your website, it will ruin your all effort in minutes. Not all hosting providers provide the same quality of security, so you should purchase a hosting package that provides you enough security.

DDoS and Malware attacks are now becoming notorious threats in terms of cyber security. A strong firewall and some other components can prevent those threats if protections are enough strong. 

Useful tools:

Make sure that the available tools are able to help you perform your tasks effectively within time. Useful tools can make a good user experience, which can directly impact your website performance. 

For example, built-in advanced SEO tools can make your task easy to make a better relationship. Not all SEO tools are able to perform well. 

Migration service:

If you have an existing running website and want to transfer hosting service, then only you need to learn about this service. A lot of companies make charge for this service, but some are not. 

Get the detail about this service because you may need to backup your files or can have a little downtime. Downtime refers to the particular time when your website will be invisible on the internet.

When you get this migration service from an expert, you won’t have face any downtime or hassle. 

Free services:

Hosting companies offer free services to attract audiences. Not all free services are good, so don’t put your leg in this trap. 

For example, some companies offer free domains, but they don't disclose that the domain is free for the only first year. Then they start charging more than the regular price. 

But you obviously deserve some free service, like a Lifetime free SSL certificate, 24/7 customer service, Backup service, and so on. 

Customer supports:

This is a very crucial thing when you intend to buy a hosting service. Because hosting service is a running service process, you may need an emergency need at any time. So choose a hosting provider who has a good customer support reputation. 

Providers who provide support 24-hour support for the whole year are good. But response time is also an issue here, rapid response should be prioritized. 

Additional features:

When you finally meet the necessary features, then look for some additional features which can assist your work. For example, some providers provide multiple control panels, which definitely helps me to choose the better one during work. 

Backup service:

Not all providers provide a free backup service, try to get a backup service even if you have to pay for that. It is mandatory to keep your hard work safe, in case of unwanted occurrences.

If you don't keep your files backup, you may lose your files as a result of a server crash, vulgar attack, or even a mistake. 

Website builders:

Some hosting providers offer a drag-and-drop website builder to create a website easily within a short time. Few even provides free site-building service, but there could have some limitations. 

If you feel you just want to make a website using those site builders then please take a more clear look there. 

Final thought

Best web hosting actually defines a lot; but in short, which hosting can fulfill your requirements according to your demand could be the best web hosting. 

Hopefully, this guide will definitely help you to determine how to choose the best web hosting for your website. I will be very pleased if this guide helps you in any way. 

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