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8 useful tips for learning programming languages effectively

Do you want to learn programming languages in efficient way? Then you need to make your steps wisely. Because random tasks will lose both your time and efforts.

Here I discussed things which worked for me to learn codes. I also analyzed other programmers findings what helped them to make perfect decision. 

tips for learning programming languages

Where to start learning coding?

You can even learn coding from your home There are numerous online resources (free and paid) available for programmers to learn. But not all resources are suitable for beginners. First, you have to decide which language you want to learn. Then find out the suitable courses for you.  

You can choose YouTube videos at the beginning stages to clear your fundamentals. Then take a look at regarding websites. Finally, join a paid course if you need. I highly recommend you to join online forums and keep practicing with source codes. 

Tips for learning programming languages

    1. Know your goals precisely

    First of all, you have to determine what you want to do after learning programming languages. Because not all languages perform the same tasks.

    There are different types of programming languages available for different purposes. Sometimes you can do the same task using different coding languages in different ways.

    Ask yourself what you actually want to do and which  types of projects you want to work for. Without setting your goals you should not start learning coding. 

    2. Make your fundamental clear

    Learn basics about the programming language you want to become expert. By learning fundamentals you will have a clear overview about particular languages.

    Learn about basic syntax, functions, text editors, compilers, and so on. If you have a strong understanding basics about programming languages, your future steps will be easier.

    You will be amazed to know that the basic operations among programming languages are quite similar. So, my recommendation is to learn a single language deeply at first, then you will be able to learn another languages quite easily.

    But before start learning coding, you should know the requirements of starting. You may learn HTML and CSS to fulfill the requirements of learning coding language to make websites. 

    Some programming language’s fundamentals are:

    • Variables

    • Data structure

    • Syntax

    • Functions

    • Array

    • Conditional

    • Loops


    3. Be problem solver, not just a programmer

    Programming is the occupation where you have a lot of chances to show your innovation. Do not just follow the steps of other programmers and do not use their source codes unwisely.

    It may saves your time while you copy codes from others, but you will fail to gather problem solving skills.

    In programming, it is not a bad thing to copy source codes, even different forums are available to share free source codes.

    But if you want to learn programming languages properly, there are no ways available instead of trying  yourself to solve the problems as a beginner. 

    4. Build your own projects

    Start creating your own projects from the beginning, and give perfection gradually over the time. To do this, you may make huge amount of mistakes. But believe me, nothing is as much as helpful than making mistakes to learn coding.

    When you create your own projects, you will fall in love working with it. Inspiration may arise from here to step forward.

    Be determined to work continuously with your project until it seems much professional. You will be judged your progress level by looking at your projects.

    It is definitely a great inspiration, what worked for me. 

    5. Join to community and share experiences.

    Find out different online forums related to your desire. Get helps from others and try to help others. Working with a community will give you an inspiration.

    StuckOverflow is an amazing example of community for programmers. I found such forums extremely helpful , even those are better than my expectation.

    Highly experienced programmers share their thoughts and solve different problems very creatively. I really surprised that how much efforts they make to help others. And some solutions are so unique that you won't find nowhere else. 

    6. Learn by doing and practicing

    Keep practicing, do similar things even again and again to make memorize. If you learn programming languages by reading, it won't enough productive to help you.

    Practice makes a man perfect, and this verse is more true for programmers. Analyze your previous works, and try to modify them. 

    7. Use online resources

    There are lots of forums and blogs available to assist programmers. A professional programmer must use online resources.

    Because online resources tend to be more updated. And experts solve the same issue in different ways. So you have a chance to get the most productive solution from different ones.

    8. Take enough brakes

    It is too stressful to stay with coding for a long time. Brain do not work perfectly if it fails to get enough breaks.

    Take time for relaxation, and don't think it as a wastage of time. Problem solving skills require a healthy brain to perform better.

    Benefits of learning programming languages

    There are several benefits of learning coding. Few of them I pointed below.

    • It will help you to understand technology

    • Coders are part of community

    • Become self-confident

    • You can work for yourself

    • Make a positive impact on your career

    • You will gather problem solving skills

    • You can work anywhere in the world

    • Computer programmers enjoy a high-paying career

    • You don’t need a computer science degree

    • You can show your amazing creativity

    • More jobs in the future will require programming skills

    • You can learn from your home on your own


    Learning programming languages is not so hard. But if you don’t do everything wisely, you will find it harder. 

    Before learning, you need to spend a little time to think. Because this little time can save you hundreds of hours and valuable efforts.

    Tarikul islam

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