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10 most common blogging mistakes you should avoid

Are you serious about blogging? Then you must maintain a number of things.

You may learned about good practices for perfect blogging. But it has equal importance to learning prohibited things.

I discussed everything deeply from my personal experiences as well as from experts' discussions. 

most common blogging mistakes you should avoid

How to start blogging?

To start blogging, first and foremost you need a website. You can start a website even for totally free, but it has some limitations. 

Alternatively, you can consider a website building platform to make a professional website instantly.

After creating a website for blogging, you need to create and publish quality contents. Just keep it simple and natural. 

What are the mistakes bloggers commonly make?

1. Considering the word count as a major fact

Some bloggers think that lengthier content gets higher rank, but it is totally a misconception. Covering the topics is the key to success. 

Just try to fulfill the reader's demands and answer every question that probably arises in their mind. If they are looking for a solution for a particular thing, then just provide them a proper solution. 

Make sure that your users don't need to visit any other websites just for not finding detailed content in your site. 

Understanding the user intent is very important. If you write a lengthier content with unnecessary information just for fulfilling the word count demand, users will be bothered instead.

It is possible to write a perfect post with just about 100 words. 

2. Some bloggers don’t often include real data

Your audience will lose trust if you mislead them by creating false information. Basically bloggers tend to collect data from another website, and they don't judge whether the data is updated or not. 

Sometimes bloggers include real data while drafting the posts for the first time, and don't check it later for updating the current ones. 

Regular update is necessary as data could be changed over the time. 

It may seem a bit complex to you. I can suggest a trick which I follow. Just try to avoid including data which has a probability to be changed. 

Or you can include source links of trusted websites instead of including data directly. Search engines also like relevant outgoing links. I'm pretty sure that the trusted links will add more value for your users. 

3. Fail to cover the topic and don't answer all questions from readers mind

Be sure that your readers will get all necessary information in your content. If they don't find enough information and visit another website, it will negatively affect your site. 

But sometimes lengthier content makes it complex to understand clearly for some readers. So you can write multiple posts under a main topic, and do interlinking.

Cleverly try to create questions in readers mind and answer them clearly to attract readers attention. But please make sure that you answered almost every potential question they may ask.

You can identify their intentions in different ways, but sometimes you may fail. Then the comment section can help you to get more questions, keep your eyes on the user's comments. 

4. Hesitate to social media sharing and find it not useful 

Bloggers sometimes hesitate to share their content on social media platforms because they don't think it is very helpful. 

Manage your time to share your content on social media sites. Share your content with the community who are interested in your topic. 

I found a lot of bloggers who think Social Media sharing has a direct impact on SEO, but experts are saying different things. 

When a blogger tries to earn SEO benefits from social sharing, he may fail here and end up with saying that social sharing is useless. 

But social media sharing helps you to find more audience. If your sharing can not attract any audience, then definitely you won't get any benefit from here. 

Otherwise, if you do it unwisely, your site audience will increase bounce rate and decrease the session duration instead. 

So my strong suggestion is to share your content with people who will get benefit from it. Then you will definitely get better results. 

5. Using duplicate or auto generated content

More and more bloggers give importance to quantity over quality, and that is why they want to make a large number of posts. 

As they don't think about the quality of content, they continuously create content using some AI tools and also steal content from other's websites. 

Though Google doesn't think much about copied content, at the end of the day copied content gets a penalty for some reasons. 

As search engines don't like to show similar multiple search results, the original once gets the priority. Canonical meta tag plays a vital role here.

But I saw nearly similar search results in some rare cases, where there was unavailability of quality content for the SERP results. 

Once search engines find quality contents, they kick out the lower quality ones. 

6. Trying to make everything perfect from the beginning 

Search engines obviously like more perfect contents to provide rank. That is why blogger try to make perfect work even from making drafts. 

They spend a lot of time to make single perfect pice. It is not a good practice I think. Because this strategy may consume lots of time and efforts. 

Otherwise, some bloggers make over optimization by trying to give perfection, which make results end up with nothing.

So what should you do?

Follow assembly strategy and update your content gradually. I mean, first of all you need to make a number of drafts those are just nearly suitable for publish. 

Then truck the progress of those posts, and update your content which is going to perform better. Follow your competitors, and try to provide better things over the time. 

7. Do not stay consistent 

A large number of new bloggers intend to become succeed from the day one. Everyone is running after success but only wise people able to get it.

Success comes after consecutive failure, so you need to accept failures first. Bloggers who look for success from the day one actually tend to get frustration after failing in some cases initially. 

As a result they lose their mind to do work actively and they become inconsistent. There are more reasons to becoming consistent, like failing to manage the time or lacking of resources. 

Whatever the reason behind it, your blog will be affected and you may lose your valuable audiences. 

So try to become consistent in any means, even if you able to manage less time, just continue with it. 

8. Do not make enough research before writing

Content perfection mainly arise from proper research. You should research your audiences, competitors, topics and so on.

Most important thing is to research your competitors as well as the SERP results. Search engine result page will let you know a lots of information like user intent and competition level. It will also provide you a lot of necessary suggestions.

Always try to includes better components on your content compared to your competitor's. To do that you need to visit there websites, and make a proper research and also find out the content gaps. 

9. Try to become a writer, not a problem solver

Many bloggers try to write amazing pieces of contents. Obviously it is a good sign for blogging. 

But the main problem is they sometimes focus on writing instead of solving the problems or providing the exact things.

You should keep it mind that good writing is necessary just for helping readers to get the solutions easily. 

If you are good at literature, that won't always fullfil the readers demand. Sometimes bloggers alter the natural tunes with artificial oncs. This instead effect negatively on readers experiences.

So try to write naturally, and focus on user intent. 

10. Over or less content optimization

You should follow different content structures. if you don't follow any structure, your content will be considered as less optimized or low quality content.

Otherwise, many bloggers do harmful SEO optimisation to get better rankings. Sadly, this activities sometimes bring them huge penalty from search engines.

So you need to learn deeply about content structures and SEO optimisation. By doing proper optimisations you may get a lower number of visitors initially, but you will achieve a strong position in future. 

How to improve blogging habits?

Practice makes a man perfect, you know. You won't be able to become a perfect blogger from the starting day.

Try to avoid mistakes, but unintentional mistakes will teach you the best. Do not get panicked by making mistakes or being a failure, just learn from them and be consistent.

Join online communities where people share thoughts similar to yours. Learn from experts and keep updated yourself over time. 


Planning is important to gain success. It includes what you need to and also what you should stay away from. 

So try to strongly avoid things which can harm your efforts in future. I included here some mistakes that bloggers commonly make.

All of the things I included were from my perception. So you can include more things to avoid from your point of view to become a successful blogger. 

Tarikul islam

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Torikul islam is a professional web developer and affiliate marketer. Join Torikul to learn how to start a website and operate it well. He started his Web Developement career from Bangladesh Association of Software and Information (BASIS) in 2015. Later he continiued his journey to expanding knowledge and sharing it with others.

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