12 Best Ecommerce Website Builders for Small Business

E-commerce website builders basically designed to make only online shops. Unlike as usual CMS, E-commerce builders have lots of additional features to grow an online business. But not all platforms give the same amount of facilities. So you have to decide carefully to get one.

E-commerce website Builders for your small business

Ecommerce Builder

1. Shopify
2. BigCommerce
3. WooCommerce
4. Magento
5. Ecwid
6. Squarespace
7. Weebly
8. Volusion
9. Jimdo
10. OpenCart
11. PrestaShop
12. 3DCart

1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the popular online store builders with over one million merchants, which started as a personal project in Canada. A young German man used to sell snowboards while living in Canada. Today there are thousands of employees working to manage their merchants. 

'Shopify' easy and advance Ecommerce Website Builder

Shopify developer teams still upgrading its new features and making them up to date with time. It also allows users to customize the source code as their needs. To make an online store as a beginner, Shopify can be the best choice.   

You can learn a lot about Shopify very quickly, as it is easy to get everything. However, you don’t have to learn about programming. But if you have any programming knowledge, you can implement it to customize your themes. Shopify gives you more than seventy customizable themes.

Shopify also provides you with customer re-arrangement tools. It reminds customers about their abandoned carts and lets them know about the upcoming sale with automated email reminders.


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Much flexible and scalable functionality
  • Big innovative community
  • Many apps include in it
  • Reliable customer support 
  • Easy to learn and manage everything
  • Lots of customizable themes 

Best For:

  • Shopify is best fitted for beginners and brands with SKU counts of less than 50.
  • Business owners who don’t want to spend much on initially. 
  • Business owners who want to make their online store on their own without getting the help of developers.
  • Business owners who want to launch a complete online store within a short time.


BigCommerce was founded in 2009, and it dominating the market for a long. This e-commerce platform serves its service from Australia and it has undergone significant development. Merchants of BigCommerce are getting the benefit to generate a huge amount of sales. It helps to grow around 100,000 online stores, and more than 500 employees currently working at BigCommerce.

ProsCustomizable SEO tolls for URLs, metadata, and so on. Eye-catching and well-organized themes. Multiple data centers store backup data. Lots of flexible and valuable functionality.

Important features of BigCommerce E-commerce Website Builder


  • Not support multiple languages
  • Currently has limited mobile support. Best For
  • To grow your running online business
  • To track online store’s data and revenue
  • Implementing cross-channel online store.


WooCommerce is a little bit different from some other platforms. You can add any WordPress site to create your online store using its plugin. This plugin generates much popularity among WordPress developers. For such popularity, the mother company of WordPress, Automattic, bought WooCommerce for over $30 million.

Since WooCommerce and WordPress are under the same roof, you can find your best solution just by managing your hosting plan. Both WooCommerce and WordPress are self-hosted open-source solutions. 

WooCommerce Ecommerce Website Builder templete examples


  • Advanced features and best fitted with WordPress.
  • Options for SEO help to grow organically.
  • Highly customizable plugin.
  • Reliable customer service.
  • Includes geolocation support tool and tax calculator.


  • Not so easy to use some advanced features.
  • An additional development cost is a little bit high.

Best For:

  • Business owners who want to run an online store with WordPress.
  • If you want to customize a lot to implement your own choice.
  • To manage multiple payment methods for global customers.

4. Magento

Magento Ecommerce Website Builder platform

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform and more than 250000 website owners use this software to grow up their business. It is holding 1.4% of the market share regarding the field. As open-source software, it is totally free of cost to build up a website initially. But if you want to upgrade later or add extra features, you have to pay a little amount of money. Magento is written in PHP language and it is much like WooCommerce. 

Magento allows you to accept online payments, organize products, and manage customers. As a free eCommerce CMS, it is actually doing great. For these kinds of reasons, the use of the Magento is growing up at a very respectable rate.

Magento installation process is simple, and you can install it by using the one-click-installation method, or by using a manual process. To make your eCommerce website making experience great, install Magento and feel much freedom to build.


  • It can handle larger stores
  • Includes marketing helper tolls
  • Includes essential SEO options
  • Highly customizable and flexible to use
  • Large community and well-reputed
  • Proper navigation system included
  • Insights to see business performance


  • Very difficult to use for some advanced options

Best For:

  • Business owners who intend to invest in development.
  • For medium-level brands or organizations.
  • Businesses that require a more advanced e-commerce system.

5. Ecwid

Ecwid free Ecommerce Website Builder for selling product online

Ecwid launched in 2009 to help small business owners to sell their products and services online. Since its launching time, over 1 million merchants have chosen Ecwid. It has also retained its popularity till now. 

Ecwid stands beside those website owners who already have a website without e-commerce capabilities and wish to sell online. It is much like an extension that can be added to any website and make it a fully-featured online store. 

You can start your free plan with a limited offer, and that allows you to create a small online store featuring 10 products for $0 a month. 


  • Forever free version available
  • Very easy and flexible to use


  • Designs are limited
  • Works only for existing websites

6. Squarespace

Squarespace Ecommerce Website Builder template examples

Squarespace was founded in 2003, and it has a 5% market share in the US. With its popularity, it helps to grow millions of websites worldwide. From the initial period, the New York-based company Squarespace is dominating the market, and still developing online store capabilities to sustain one of the top e-commerce platforms.

Squarespace is mainly used by creatives and artists, though it is an integrated platform that’s widely used by all kinds of businesses. It is also great for blogging websites and portfolio building, otherwise, Squarespace offers notable e-commerce tools that can help to grow online businesses. When you think about website builders, you may not find a successful website builder like Squarespace.

7. Weebly

Procedure of growing business with Weebly Ecommerce Website Builder

Weebly, one of the great website builders, was founded in 2007. It is stunning news that over 50 million people are now using it for creating an online store. The giant e-commerce solution Square acquired Weebly in 2018. Since the acquisition, nothing new happened much at Weebly.

Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder which allows you to use 40+ mobile-friendly themes.

8. Volusion

'Volusion' advance Ecommerce Website Builder for your Business

Volusion is the earliest e-commerce website builder platform founded in 1999.  Around 30,000 online stores were created using it and over 250 people working at Volusion. It offers similar services to Shopify and BigCommerce. But personally, I think they should improve a few issues.

9. Jimdo

You don't need any coding skills to create your eCommerce website with Jimdo. It allows you to customize the website design and color what you exactly want, and it is a very easy process. Jimdo lets you make a responsive layout that means your website will be shown perfectly on every device. 

10. OpenCart

If you looking powerful open-source eCommerce platform, then OpenCart is for you. You will have control over users through the admin panel. OpenCart also allows you to operate multiple stores.

11. PrestaShop

Prestashop has almost 30,000 merchants, and you can also be one of them. It is not a drag and drop builder, but you can open your account to run your eCommerce business here. 

12. 3DCart

3DCart eCommerce software allows you to create customize the online store that helps you manage your customer's orders, promote your business, keep records, and much more. 


E-commerce website builders are also a kind of CMS but it has some differences in its features and functions which are basically designed to maintain online stores. Different builders have different options and different purposes, so you have to choose an eCommerce Builder that can fulfill your requirement.