Best hosting provider in Bangladesh in 2022 - ExonHost

ExonHost is a Bangladeshi hosting company providing different types of quality hosting services. Users are also able to register their domain name here.

Best hosting provider in Bangladesh  - ExonHost

Quick Overview of ExonHost

ExonHost was founded in 2015  by this name. But in reality, it was founded in January 2009. When it was founded in 2009 it was called The company changed its name 3 times, It moved to SoCheapHost in 2010, and then SoCheapHost to HostPair in 2013, and lastly HostPair to ExonHost in 2015. 

ExonHost offers Different types of hosting services, And also offers domain registration. You can make your site migrate from another hosting to ExonHost for free, And you will enjoy a hassle-free experience.

CEO Saleh Ahmed intended to serve their service locally. That is why ExonHost is doing great with local people. They are a very customer-oriented hosting provider,  so they listen to their customers very carefully. Staying at the cutting edge of the latest trends,  they are getting better and better every day.

They hosted more than 5000 Websites. That is not a small amount as a region-based hosting provider. They host most of the websites from Bangladesh. So it is the top web hosting in Bangladesh.

Like many other hosting provider companies, ExonHost  Also offers 24/7  customer service for the whole year. They assure you a 99.99% uptime guarantee.  They also offer you 30 days money-back guarantee,  so you can try their service without getting any hesitation.

What Products and Services Does ExonHost Offer?

1. Domain names

  • Domain registration: You can purchase your domain name from here, which is available to register.
  • Domain transfer: You will be able to transfer your existing domain name to ExonHost.

2. Hosting

  • Shared web hosting: Shared hosting refers to a hosting server where multiple users use a single server by sharing each other. Beginners are mainly benefitted from it, because of high performance with lower costs.
  • VPS hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Though it gives you high performance for your large website, it is still a shared server where more than one user uses this.
  • Dedicated hosting: Dedicated hosting defines everything by its name. It is fully dedicated to its single user. It is a very highly secured hosting server compared to others along with performance.
  • Turbo hosting: Turbo hosting is mainly focused on speed. If you want extra fast speed, then you should go for Turbo hosting plan on ExonHost.
  • Reseller hosting: You can resell this type of hosting plan to earn profit. After buying it from ExonHost you have to rent or sell it to other users. 
  • BDIX hosting: DBIX hosting is also a shared hosting. The main difference is it was created only for websites which visitors come from Bangladesh. To make the best performance the server of BDIX hosting is located near Bangladesh.
  • Email hosting: To run your online campaign, you can get an Email hosting plan to run your email marketing.

3. SSL Certificate

SSL encryption system ensures visitors' security. If they want to make transactions, then it is too much essential. SSL certificates also make a great impact on website SEO. Though lots of hosting providers offer free SSL with any hosting plan, they also offer advance SSL certificates which may not be free of cost. ExonHost also offers both free and paid versions of SSL certificates.

ExonHost shared hosting at a glance

2 websites5 websites10 websites
5 GB10 GB20 GB
250 GB500 GB1000 GB
File Limit---
Average Uptime99.99%99.99%99.99%
Email accounts
Dedicated IP
First-term prices
Renewal price
Free CDN
7 days7 days7 days
Customer Support24/7 Technical Support24/7 Technical Support24/7 Technical Support
Control Panel
Free Services
Free SSL
Free domainNoNoNo
Free Site Migration
Free Apps InstallerYesYesYes
Website Builder
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days30 days 
Private Nameservers---

Pros of ExonHost Hosting

  • Best uptime: ExonHost offers a 99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee. It is more than enough for you because no company can make a 100% uptime guarantee. But few companies offer free service for a certain time if they fail to fulfill their uptime guarantee which Exonhost doesn't offer. 
  • Loading speed: Loading speed is also good because they are using LiteSpeed with LSCache to boost up your website speed. 
  • Pricing: To compare with some other Bangladeshi hosting providers, prices are moderately cheaper here from my perspective. 
  • Security options: ExonHost includes different types of security features in their system like Malware & Exploit Scanning, DDoS Protection, Spam Protection, and so on. 
  • More advanced features: They include lots of essential features, that is how users can find out exact solutions within a short time. Some one-click-installer apps are available to assist developers. Most advanced features are available with all plans.
  • Easy to use: As a beginner-friendly hosting provider, it is very easy to use. 
  • Risk-free money-back guarantee: They offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So you don't have to worry to try it any time.  
  • Customer support: You will get 24x7 professional support for the whole year via different mediums. 
  • Free site transfer: If you want to move your website to ExonHost from any other hosting server, you can do it for free. ExonHost experts will do it for you, and it will make no website downtime. 
  • Free SSL: SSL is very essential for SEO and visitor security, so ExonHost offers a free SSL certificate with all of their hosting packages. 
  • Unlimited email account: For online marketing, a personal branded email account makes more impact. You can create an unlimited number of email account here with your domain name.

Cons of ExonHost Hosting

  • Higher renewal rates: Exonhost charge a higher renewal rate compare to first-time purchase. But it is not only ExonHost who do it, it is a very common scenario among all hosting provider. Because they reduce users' costs for the first year with different offers that is how users attract to buy.
  • Region base focused: Most of the users of ExonHost are from Bangladesh and this hosting mainly focuses on them. It can be advantageous in some cases, but the international user base also matters. 

Measure ExonHost with hosting standard


You will get a limited amount of storage with their shared hosting plans because the price is also limited for you. But I think what amount of storage they offer with their shared hosting plans is really enough to start a website.  If you want more storage with your growing website then you can choose different advanced hosting packages on ExonHost. 

My Rating - 8 / 10



Uptime is very good, and it is 99.99%. No company can ensure 100% uptime, even a massive company Like Bluehost or GoDaddy. 

My Rating - 9 / 10



Bandwidth is limited here for some of their plans, though many companies offer unlimited bandwidth for their customers. But that limitation will not make any impact on small websites or blogs. 

My Rating - 5 / 10


Control Panel:

Like usual hosting providers, ExonHost also offers cPanel. And it is a very common thing for hosting providers to implement cPanel to get access to their customers on the server. 

My Rating - 9 / 10


Ease of Use:

It already has a strong local user base. I saw so many people suggest to other people, who are actually newbies, To get service from ExonHost because it is very comfortable to use, and it is very beginner-friendly. 

My Rating - 8.5 / 10



Lots of applications are implemented on cPanel to perform different kinds of tasks. 

My Rating - 8 / 10


FTP Accounts:

You will have been using an unlimited amount of FTP accounts on ExonHost.

My Rating - 10 / 10


Server Location:

Servers are located in different regions so that users can use their nearest server for better performance. 

My Rating - 8 / 10



ExonHost Offers 7days backup services with their hosting plans. Please don't forget to Backup your files wherever you host your website. Do it manually if they don't offer you for free. 

My Rating - 5 / 10



Speed is good enough because ExonHost uses LiteSpeed Web Server & LSCache To enhance your website speed and performance. 

My Rating - 9.5 / 10



Price of their packages are really affordable, basically, packages made for startups are really amazing.

My Rating - 9 / 10



Lots of advanced features are included like DDoS Protection, Malware & Exploit Scanning, Clustered Failover DNS, FREE cPanel Migration, Awstats & Webalizer And so many more.

My Rating - 8 / 10



The customer support system of ExonHost is really awesome.  Because they are not only supporting their customer but also doing care. 24/7 Technical support is available 365 days a year. 

My Rating - 9 / 10


Site Transfer:

Site migration is totally free at ExonHost.  I have hassle site migration experience from another hosting to ExonHost server through their experienced technicians. 

My Rating - 9 / 10


Renewal Rates: 

Renewal rates are a bit higher than the fast-time purchase rates. And it is a very common scenario for most of the hosting providers because they offer a discount for their new customers. 

My Rating - 7.5 / 10


Email Account:

You will have to enjoy opening unlimited email accounts on ExonHost.  Many web hosting providers restrict their customers to use unlimited email accounts, and they have to pay for it. 

My Rating - 10 / 10



Free SSL certificates are included on all of their plans,  even with basic plans also.  It is very important to ensure your website visitors' security If you are running a payment gateway. Otherwise, it is so essential for SEO.

My Rating - 10 / 10



It is not so easy to find out the drawbacks of a hosting service. Only by exploring every detail, you can learn clearly about it. From my perspective, ExonHost is the best web hosting for Bangladeshi people because it has contained lots of beneficial features instead of drawbacks. Though it has mere things to consider, after all, it is the best company in Bangladesh for web hosting. 

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