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GreenGeeks hosting review - Environment friendly web hosting

Are you looking for the best web hosting for your small business that can reduce costs with higher quality? Then you are in the right place.

Greengeeks is the best hosting solution for small business owners. But why? let's discover.

Quick Overview of GreenGeeks hosting

GreenGeeks was founded in 2008 by its founder Trey Gardner. It is now powering over 600,000 websites owned by over 55,000 customers. It has data centers in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands.

The approach of environment-friendly web hosting services gives them uniqueness. They follow a ratio to keep the environment clean and safe. They replace three times the positive energy footprint on the environment with the negative energy produced by using the server. 

Compared to its competitors, GreenGeeks provides some hosting plans at a cheaper rate. You will enjoy a 30-days no-risk money-back guarantee that is included in every plan.

What Products Does GreenGeeks Offer?

  • Shared hosting: Shared web hosting refers to the types of web hosting in which servers are shared among multiple users. GreenGeeks offers such a hosting plan because it is very popular among beginner and small business owners. Though it has some security issues, it saves users costs a lot. 

  • VPS hosting: VPS or Virtual Private Server is also a shared server, though sounds like a private server. The main difference is VPS hosting server gives its users a separate set of resources. VPS is more secure because a single affected website doesn't make all websites affected within the server. 

  • WordPress hosting: GreenGeeks WordPress hosting is mainly designed for WordPress sites. If you want to ensure a high-performance hosting plan for your WordPress site, then you should go for WordPress hosting plan. 

  • Reseller hosting: Reseller hosting plans are basically designed for reselling, and it is also a kind of shared hosting plan. One can sell this hosting plan by changing its price after purchasing it from real hosting providers.

GreenGeeks Shared Hosting Comparison

GreenGeeks shared hosting plans are the most popular hosting plans among small business owners. Unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth make this plan more attractive because not even some other advanced hosting plans don't offer this. 

Lite Pro  Premium
Websites 1 website Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
File Limit - - -
Average Uptime 99.99% 99.99% 99.99%
Email accounts 50  Unlimited Unlimited
Database UnlimitedUnlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IP No No No
FTP Users - - -
Subdomains No No No
First-term prices $2.95/month $5.95/month $10.95/month
Renewal price $10.95/month $15.95/month $25.95/month
Backup Available Available Available
Customer Support 24/7 Technical Support  24/7 Technical Support  24/7 Technical Support 
Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
Free Services
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes
Free CDN Yes Yes Yes
Free domain 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Free Site Migration Yes Yes Yes
Free Apps Installer Yes Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes Yes
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 30 days
Private Nameservers - - -

GreenGeeks all hosting plans at a glance

GreenGeeks offers four types of hosting plans, but not all plans go to your website simultaneously. So you should decide which hosting plan is good for you before purchasing. The short view below will help you to determine the best choice for you. 

Web Hosting
Storage  Bandwidth Discounted Price Normal price
Lite 50GB Web Space Unmetered $2.95/month $10.95/month
Pro Unlimited Web Space Unmetered $5.95/month $15.95/month
Premium Unlimited Web Space Unmetered $10.95/month $25.95/month
WordPress Hosting
Storage Bandwidth Discounted Price Normal price
Lite 50GB Web Space Unmetered $2.95/month $10.95/month
Pro Unlimited Web SpaceUnmetered$5.95/month $15.95/month
Premium Unlimited Web Space Unmetered $10.95/month $25.95/month
Storage Bandwidth Discounted Price Normal price
VPS Hosting
Storage Bandwidth Discounted Price Normal price
2GB 50 GB SSD 10 TB $39.95/month $39.95/month
4GB 75 GB SSD 10 TB $59.95/month $59.95/month
8GB 150 GB SSD 10 TB $109.95/month $109.95/month
Reseller Hosting
Storage Bandwidth Discounted Price Normal price
RH-25 60 GB SSD 600 GB $19.95/month $32.99/month
RH-50 80 GB SSD 800 GB $24.95/month $44.99/month
RH-80 160 GB SSD 1600 GB $34.95/month $67.99/month

Which GreenGeeks hosting plan actually best for me?

Web Hosting:

If you want to create a small or a medium website then GreenGeeks shared hosting will be best for you. Lite plan is enough for you if you don't have any headaches about disk space. 50 GB is a huge space to run a small business. Then you can go for Pro or Premium plans while your site keeps growing and you need more disk space. Lite plan will give you standard performance, Pro plan will give you better performance, and Premium plan will give you the best performance. 

WordPress Hosting:

VPS Hosting:

Reseller Hosting:

Pros of Using GreenGeeks Hosting

  • Best Uptime: GreenGeeks offers 99.99% uptime, which is really great for any web hosting provider. Best uptime can ensure a website's healthy performance. 
  • Loading Speed: Website loading speed is good enough under GreenGeeks. Good loading speed makes a huge impact on the search result and user experience. 
  • Pricing: As GreenGeeks offers $2.95 for a month on their basic hosting plan, I can consider it as the best price. All of their other plans are also cheaper compared to some other major hosting providers. 
  • Easy to Use: GreenGeeks cPanel is very user-friendly and very easy to use. Beginners may feel comfortable with such an environment, which can make them motivated to work. 
  • Risk-free Money-Back Guarantee: Please don't hesitate to try any of GreenGeek's hosting plans, it offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. So you don't have to take risks just to make a try.
  • Eco-friendly hosting: The most impressive thing about GreenGeeks is it works for the environment to save the world. You can also become a prouder part of them. They release 300% positive energy as opposed to they consume the power. 
  • Customer Support: Like other major hosting providers GreenGeeks provides awesome customer support. They offer 7 days 24 hours support for the whole year.  
  • Free Site Transfer: Site migration is totally free here where most of the hosting providers make a charge to transfer your site. It is the process where GreenGeeks will transfer your site to their hosting server from your pre-hosted server from another provider. It is a little bit complex task, but GreenGeeks's highly experts will do it for you without making any probable downtime. 

Cons of Using GreenGeeks Hosting

  • Higher Renewal Rates: It seems that their renewal rate is really high. Renewal rates refer to the rate that you should pay after a cycle year. You can use their service at a very lower cost in the first year. So you will be able to make a wise decision after one year whether the extra cost will make you value or not.
  • Extra Charge on Free Domains Renewal: It is the most common case that most of the hosting providers make a higher charge on free domain after the first year, GreenGeeks also do the same. Please do consider getting a free domain with hosting plans. 

Measure GreenGeeks with hosting standard

Storage: GreenGeeks offers an unlimited web space with some of their cheap plans. Can you imagine the word unlimited for storage? It won't restrict you anytime to use more space. 

My Rating - 10 / 10


Uptime: Uptime of GreenGeeks is relatively awesome. They offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which will ensure you sustain your website live most of the time in a year. 

My Rating - 10 / 10


Bandwidth: Along with unlimited storage you will get unmetered bandwidth with some of their hosting plans. It won't restrict you to get an unlimited number of visitors. 

My Rating - 10 / 10


Control Panel: It is very normal to get a channel with any hosting plan from any hosting provider, but there can have some bad issues. GreenGeeks is out of such unwanted issues. 

My Rating - 9 / 10


Ease of Use: As a beginner-friendly hosting provider, GreenGeeks offers a highly comfortable interface to use. I hope you will have to enjoy this platform to grow up your business. 

My Rating - 9 / 10


Applications: Applications are available to install WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and many more just by making a single click. They offer some functionality to maintain your online store. 

My Rating - 9 / 10


Backups: GreenGeeks offers free nightly backups. Backups are really essential for many reasons. Many occurrences can occur that can harm the databases, backups can save your valuable resources. 

My Rating - 8 / 10


Speed: Speed is enough good on the GreenGeeks server, so your website will be highly performed under their hosting. 

My Rating - 9 / 10


Price: The price of GreenGeeks is very cheap compared to other quality hosting services, but the renewal rate is much higher. You will have to enjoy the cheaper prices for a limited time, but it can help you to determine the exact value of what you get. 

My Rating - 8 / 10


Features: Lots of essential features are included in their hosting plan, which most of the major providers provide. There are some options that are available only for advanced developers, e-commerce features are available to run an online cart system. One-click installers are available for different CMS platforms. 

My Rating - 8 / 10


Support: Rapid response is a major issue on web hosting services. Users can face critical problems any time from anywhere in the world. So there should have different types of customer support systems available, which GreenGeeks already offers.

My Rating - 9 / 10


Site Transfers: GreenGeeks offers a free site migration service, and it will be under highly secured supervision. Experts will do this task for you, that is how you won't face any downtime experience. But I suggest you take your website backup manually in case of rare occurrences. 

My Rating - 10 / 10


Renewal Rates: Renewal rates are a bit higher on GreenGeeks, so you have to be sure before buying their plans. The regular price is higher, but it makes worth it. 

My Rating - 8 / 10


Email Account: They offer unlimited free email accounts with some of their hosting plans. You will be able to create email accounts with your personal or business domain name. It indicates professionalism while you make your online campaign with your companies email account. 

My Rating - 10 / 10


SSL: Free SSL is included in every hosting plan to make a website more secure. Most of the hosting providers are providing free SSL service nowadays, though sometimes before there was no free version of it in most cases. 

My Rating - 10 / 10


Free domain: Enjoy your free domain for the first year with GreenGeeks hosting plans. But please be sure the renewal rate of the domain after one year, because it can be higher than the normal price. 

My Rating - 10 / 10


Refunds and Guarantees: You will get a 30-day money-back guaranty with all of GreenGeeks' hosting plans. So you can enjoy a risk-free trial period. 

My Rating - 10 / 10


Do I Recommend It?

Obviously, it is my recommended web hosting service. I only recommend it for you if it meets your requirements. So, first of all, you have to ask some questions to yourself about your goal, business range, business type, and so on. 

Who is GreenGeeks Best For?

  1. If you want a hosting service with unmetered storage and unlimited bandwidth with limited costs then GreenGeeks goes to you. Though not all plans give you an unlimited storage facility. 
  2. If you want to start your small business with a limited investment then please start with GreenGeeks. But I suggest you consider their renewal prices for your desired plan. 
  3. If you are an environment lover, then you can love GreenGeeks because they work to save the environment. Every new user on GreenGeeks boosts their work energy. 


Website performance mostly depends on web hosting, but it is not the only thing you should consider to make your website perfect. Along with good web hosting, you should maintain an overall healthy balance of your website. For example, use the best CMS or website builder to build up your website. Check security issues regularly. If you can ensure a balanced combination of your website, then it will work the best with GreenGeeks. 

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