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Pro tips - How to choose a domain name for your website!

Registering a domain name is just a matter of a second. But it is not a perfect domain name. You have to make a lot of research to select a perfect domain.

It is very essential to choose your domain name wisely because it is a lifetime deal.

How to choose a domain name

How to choose the best domain name?

Make it easy to type:

For your domain name, You should use a set of characters that is easy to type. Don't use random uppercase and lowercase characters. Numbers and symbols also make domain names hard to type. Just keep it very simple.

Keep it short:

Keep your domain name as short as possible you can. Short to domain names are easy to memorize and look good. But it is hard to get short domain names available nowadays because a lot of agencies and individuals register the domain names for sale as a premium domain with a higher price. You have to research a lot to find your desired domain name with exact length. You should keep your domain name between 6 to10 characters.

Add Keywords (When It Makes Sense):

You can implement keywords from your niche on your domain name. But it doesn't mean that you must have to take an exact match domain name with your selected nice. Do it only e when it makes sense.

Avoid numbers and hyphens:

Numbers and hyphens can be implemented on domain names but it is not a good practice. That makes it hard to memorize your domain name which is why you should avoid numbers and hyphens on it. 

Keep it memorable:

Domain Names names consist of a set of characters, so you are independent to keep any characters here. But it is not a good practice to use random characters. Use familiar words, and make them memorize. It makes users more emphasis to type your domain name on their browsers. 

Choose Your Top-Level Domain Extension Carefully:

Use .com, .org or .info domain extensions. But I prefer .com domains for you if you want to run your blog or business sites. Domain extensions make an impact on your website identity. Extensions also define the types of websites. .com is the universal domain extension that suits almost every type of website. 

Think long-term over a short term:

Before purchasing your domain name take a quick view of the future. Register your domain name in a flexible point from where you can easily move to another niche, another business, or another type of website. 

Make it easy to pronounce and spell:

Along with easy typing, you should keep your domain name flexible with pronouncing and spelling. Be sure whether it is acoustic or cacophony. A nice domain name should be perfect in every aspect.

Keep it unique and brandable:

Make a domain name that can say your brand identity. Keep it separated from other brand names, that is how users can avoid making mistakes. If your domain name would not unique, it would have reflected others' identities on your domain name.

Take it for a broad area niche:

Before selecting a domain name you should research a lot about your nice. Be sure which area you want to work for. Try to select a domain name that's area is broader than your niche area. 

Research your domain name online and offline:

To make a unique brand identity you have to research your domain name online and offline as well if possible. Make sure any other organization is available or not with your selected word for the domain name. You can search your selected keyword on social media just to be sure that anyone exists with a similar name or not. 

Use domain generators for more ideas:

If you run out of ideas while you trying to find out available domain names, use a domain ideas generator. That will give you a lot of suggestions that can be helpful to you. There are lots of domain name idea generators available on the internet. 

Act quickly before someone else takes it:

After finding out your desired domain name you have to register it as quickly as possible. Because someone else could take it just a single minute before you wanted to do it. It will ruin your all research effort. Once I heard 'time and domain wait for none,' it is a funny verse but true fact. 

Final thoughts

You can consider more things to choose your domain name. No matter how you select your domain name, the only matter is perfection. Take time to consider, but don't spend too much time just make thinking. 

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