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7 key reasons why website navigation is important

I have tried different types of navigation functionalities throughout my website, and users are getting helpful to them. I’m still working on improving my website navigation. Because it is too much crucial to make a website successful.

Here I discussed what I found throughout my experiments. And I also includes here top level expert’s thoughts.

Importance of website navigation

What is website navigation?

Website navigation is a collection user interface components that help the users to find their desired contents and functionalities easily. It is the process of showing importance of contents, pages, and information.

Importance of website navigation

1. Well organized and structured

Well organization is important on your website. Arranged navigation help users to find the exact thing properly within time.

Navigation system helps to organize thing sequentially. To implement proper website structure, you need to place everything properly.

2. Help to make category and subcategories

Drop down menu and side bar menu basically include different categories. And categories also sometimes split into different sub categories.

This system help users to find out their desire contents very easily. Users can look for all similar contents. That is why you need add such functionalities.

3. Better user experience

Navigation always makes the user experience more better because users can find their desired things very easily and quickly.

Good user experience is essential to grow your website. Without implementing the proper navigation systems, you won’t be able to ensure proper user experience.

4. Helpful suggestions for users

When a visitor visit a web page, he may see similar categories or content suggestions as a result of useful navigation.

Dynamic navigation menu could be changed according to users behaviour and their locations. In this case, system can detect the users activity, and then suggest them what they actually want.

5. Search engine and crawler friendly

Search engine crawling is mandatory to indexing your contents. Crawlers basically find the new contents of a website from older ones through navigation links.

A crawler can understand a website clearly through navigation menu and links. To get higher rank on SERP, you need to create a better relationship with search engines.

6. Increase session duration

When user a find helpful suggestions and also find more categories to explore ,then he spend more time on that particular websites. This basically increase the session duration which has a great SEO impact.

It directly and indirectly boosts up website performance. Session duration also make impact on conversion rate and other traffic metrics.

7. Increase sales

When a visitor spend more time on a website, he usually interact more with it. If you have products or services on your website to sell, then there has a chance to make more sell when a visitor spend more time on your website.

As navigation create a better user experience, that is why a customer feel better to purchase things.

What should your navigation be?

1. Easy to find

Your navigation options should be easy to find. Because navigators actually created to help users to find things easily. So, it is definitely unwise to make navigation systems complex.

There are some common places you must add your navigation functionalities. If you want to create something different, then you also must focus on accessibility.

2. Well organized

Sort your menu categories according to importance. Add sub categories wisely and ensure accessibility.

After creating navigation functionalities, you also have to ensure the usability. When you will make proper organization, your website users will have provide a better experience.

3. Keep it short

Keep your menu category names as much short as possible. Because short names will help your users to identify except categories clearly.

Try to use less spaces for various navigation bars. Because navigation indicators are just helpers, they not the main content within a page. So, you need to balance users focuses on them.

4. Relevant

If you add irrelevant categories or irrelevant functionalities as placeholder, your users will rather find it annoying.

So, it will results bad user experience. Try to ensure relevance as much as possible. If you can make dynamic suggestions for different users, it will be much better.


Website navigation always bring positive results if done properly. Poor navigation not only hampers the user’s expectations but also damage the website performance.

To make powerful navigation, you need to learn about it deeply. Because random work can destroy your work instead. Functionalities may vary in website type and purposes. So take your time to find the best strategies for you.

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