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7 key reasons why website performance is important

Well performed websites always do better than others, you know. But how they make better outcome?

Exactly I’m going to talk about the importance of website performance. While knowing this deeply, you will be able to make proper decision to customize your website.

Importance of website performance

What is website performance?

Website performance refers to how fast your web pages loads, how much make interaction with browser, and how much influence users. In short, it describes the overall health of your website. Site performance directly make impact on user experience.

Importance of website performance

1. First impression

When a visitor visit your site for the first time, he try to identify whether the website is useful or not. Page loading speed plays the vital role here.

Then visitors sometimes look over the navigation systems and over all appearance. When a new visitor find everything good, then he inspire to take further steps.

First impression is important because it directly impact on bounce rate. Bounce rate refers the numbers that how much visitors go back from a website immediately after visit. In this scenario, they actually do nothing on that particular website.

Search engine rankings also depends on bounce rate. It mainly arise from bad website performance. Otherwise, good website performance even create a better user engagement along with reduction of the bounce rate.

To sum up, first impression is the key to prevent bounce rate and way to get more user engagement.

2. Better user experience

Your website success depends on your users experience. If they find your website helpful and easy to navigate, you have a high chance to become success within a short time.

Website performance can ensure a better user experience. Website performance metrics are page loading speed ,easy navigation, usability, appearance and so on.

Better user experience always bring more conversion. Conversion refers how much visitors convert to your website users. Not all visitors are website users, some of them are just go back immediately after visiting website.

So, you need to create better user experience to attract your visitors and inspire them to use your website resources.

3. Create a leading brand

If you are promoting your brand using a website, then your website’s performance also refers the strength of brand. Nowadays, virtual platforms are becoming more popular along with physical platforms for brands.

Some brands are growing only depends on virtual platforms. It is a great chance to take your brand in a leading position easily.

Creating a virtual platform is very easy compared to physical platform. Some top level companies created totally depending on websites. For example, e-commerce sector is growing rapidly using virtual shops.

Not only commercial websites but also personal websites can represents a strong brand. Only thing you need first is create a well performed website to start promoting.

4. More engage with audiences

Users usually engage with websites which are user friendly and useful to them. If they find those sites helpful, then they could become repeating users. It refers the people who intent to come back a website again and again.

Better performed websites definitely include high quality contents and availability of all necessary options.

A good website can attract visitors and inspire them to make comments, subscribe newsletter, click buttons, and so on.

5. Increase conversion rate

When visitors perform or complete any task within your website, that increase the conversion rate because by doing this they convert to website users from website visitors.

Conversion rate also represents the website usability and better user experience. It helps search engines to determine that the website is useful to users or not. So, it is important for SEO to increase your conversion rate.

To increase website conversion rate, you must need to optimize your website for better performance.

6. Better relationship with search engines

Well performed websites refer the sites which have an overall good standing and a good relationship with search engines.

First page loading speed, quality content, and better user experience are definitely makes a website more better. Search engines always like high performed websites.

Without good understanding with search engines, you won't be able to become succeed. Because majority of visitors come from search engines by searching different queries .

And search engines always bring you the visitors who are actually look for the contents on your website.

7. Low performance sometimes creates long term bad effect

Different giant online platforms usually rate your website domain according to your website performance. And this rating is actually based on your standing with search engines.

This ratings don't change immediately, it takes a long time to determine whether your website is good enough or not.

Search engines never discover that they are following such rating systems, but you will see that the high rated website are showing on the top positions.

This ratings can create effect on websites for a long term of periods. That is why new websites with higher quality content or not get rank due to lacking of reputation on search engines.

There is no relation between the time and your domain rating. There has a clear relationship between website performance and domain rating.

A high numbers of quality backlinks also sometime refers the high performed website according to few tools.

How to improve website performance?

  • Audit your website regularly

  • Use high performed hosting service

  • Keep your website error free

  • Reduce header requests

  • Compress your images and files

  • Remove unnecessary codes

  • Provide quality contents

  • Do proper SEO optimization


Take you time to monitor your website’s overall performance. There are several online tolls to monitor websites. Regular website auditing can make your website flawless.

There are lots of things you need to balance for a quality website. It may includes quality contents, site design, user experience, and so many on.

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