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8 major keyword metrics to choose the right keywords for SEO

You have a great chance to get more website traffic if you know keyword metrics while researching. Those metrics will tell you that whether the keyword is best for you or not.

After start using those metrics on my keyword research, I got an amazing result. Even experts always suggests to follow this strategy.

Here I includes some essential keyword metrics with little explanation for you.

Major keyword metrics to choose the right keywords for SEO

What is keyword metric?

Keyword metrics refer the standard of keyword quality measurement. By using different metrics on a single keyword, you can determine whether the keyword is suitable for you or not. Not all metrics have the equal importance. Few ones are mandatory to use on keyword research and few ones are optional.

What are the keyword metrics for SEO?

1. Search volume

It is one of the major metric of SEO. Search volume refers the number of users submit the particulate keyword into a search engine. High volume always represents a positive sign. But keywords with low search volume also could be best for you.

A massive volume not always represents a perfect keyword because you need to consider other metrics.

2. Search trends

It refers the user’s choice over a particular keyword for a certain period of time. You should always choose the keywords with upward trends. Because search volume can change over the time. Seasonal behaviour or current trends can make impact on search trend.

4. Search value over time

Not all keywords are similar in terms of making profits. Some keywords just can bring traffic to your website but don’t have ability to generate lots of money. By searching this types of keywords, people usually try to find information.

Another type of keyword is occasionally called Money keyword. Because people search those keywords to buy any product or service.

Second type of keyword has more value compared to former one. Because it can bring more profit.

5. Difficulty

From my perception, this one is the most important metric here. You always need to pick low competitive keywords for growing sites. SEO difficulty or keyword competition also depends on different things.

Variety of keyword research tools available to check the keyword competition. They show results depends on backlinks, domain authority, domain age etc.

Which keyword you want to get competition status, you need to analyze the background of those particular keyword. I mean you need to learn about the sites, where the selected keyword previously used. Sometimes you need to check it manually to get exact result.

6. User intent

This is very crucial to learn about the search intent. It refers why users are searching for particular keywords on search engines. You can take a look on search engine result pages if there have enough proper results.

No matter how you learn about user intent, it is required while researching keywords. If you write an amazing post but users don’t find it helpful, your all efforts will go in vain.

For example, when a user search by using the keyword ‘Nature Photography,’ he may want to see some picture of natural environments.

If you here write a text based content by providing all information of natural photography by targeting the keyword ‘Nature Photography,’ you will end up with nothing for sure.

7. Word count (tail)

Word count matters while choosing the right keywords. Longer keywords tend to become more specific compared to shorter ones.

Competition is also another factor here. As long tail keywords tend to become specific, they have less chance to become competitive.

You have a great chance to get proper audiences because only certain users will come to solve specific solutions. Though longer keywords basically have low search volume.

8. CPC

Cost Per Click or CPC data is required for advertisers as well as publishers. It refers the advertisement charge which assigned by search engine authorities.

You may see Advertisements on top of search engine result pages and also within different website pages. Those Ads also shown under particular keywords.

Which keywords have move value, tend to become higher in CPC rate. If you want to run advertisements on your website, then you need to analyze it.

9. SERP features

SERP or Search Engine Result Page refers the page where users search for different queries. You need to analyze how the result pages shown after searching using selected keyword.

Different keywords show results on different ways according to variety of keyword type. To choose a keyword you need to understand if your website contents matches with the SERP features.

Why need to choose the correct keywords?

It is crucial to choose the right keywords. There are several reasons behind it. Here I mentioned few ones.

  • To bring lots of organic traffic

  • Help to meet the user intents

  • Assist to generate enough profit

  • To reach the final destination

  • Make the users satisfied

  • Create relationship with search engines


I guess you are already using few metrics for your keyword research. I suggests you to use all off the metrics for each of your keywords. If you already doing this, it’s fine.

No matter in which niches your are working for, always use the same strategy. But CPC has not equal importance for all users though.

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