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9 Best landing page website template builders for startups

The most common and effective way to get leads online is to set up a website. But it is not all just to open a website, you have to make it professional in every aspect. Landing page builders are the most powerful tools to make a higher conversion, that is how your webpage visitors get converted to customers.

Landing pages are simple single-page websites with a particular focus. You can easily create pages that can attract visitors which will lead to making more sales.

Landing page

9 best landing page builder

1. Unbounce 2. HubSpot 3. SendinBlue 4. Instapage 5. GetResponse 6. Lander 7. Leadpages 8. Landingi 9. Divi

What are the best landing page builders?

1. Unbounce

Unbounce started its journey in 2009 when almost no one was much familiar with landing pages to boost up their online campaign. Today, Unbounce is one of the world’s leading landing page builders with a large userbase. It powered over 1.5 billion conversions worldwide, that really massive. More than 70,000 Customers loved it to manage their Landing Page & AI Copywriting.

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2. HubSpot

HubSpot started its journey in 2005 as a hardware store, but now it is the top leading platform for digital marketing tools. Almost 5,500 employees working on HubSpot from many different regions in the world. More than 128,000 customers using HubSpot's CRM software to gain more and more valuable customers. It also offers landing page builders as a part of customer relationship management.  

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3. SendinBlue

More than 175,000 big and small business owners are using the cloud-based digital marketing tools of SendinBlue. They have four physical offices (United States, France, India, Germany)  worldwide. Their team works together from over 40 countries, and the company maintains four physical offices worldwide which are located in the United States, France, India, and Germany. 

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4. Instapage

A good landing page can make a much higher conversion. Where normal conversion rate is nearly below the 4%%, where Instapage makes an average 16% conversion rate on Google Ads. It helps you to grow your business success and make reduction your costs. 

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5. GetResponse

Simon Grabowski was founded GetResponse in 1997 to help to grow small businesses. It is very affordable compared with some other companies according to its usability. GetResponse powering more than 350,000 companies worldwide. So you can easily realize how massive the companies userbase is.

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6. Lander

More than 1.5 million users and 3000 plus brands using Lander. Lander offers hundred plus premade landing page templates. Its powerful features and advanced tools will maximize your conversion rate. Lander is best sweet with small and mid-level businesses. 

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7. Leadpages

A good landing page mainly attracts visitors to use the product and services within the page. Leadpages offer some kind of high-quality landing pages that are able to convert visitors to customers. More than 40000 users use Leadpages for their small businesses. 

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8. Landingi

Landingi stars its journey in 2005 and still now it is growing so fast since then. Customers from more than 80 countries use it. By spending many years in the market they became more experienced.

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9. Divi

Divi is a WordPress page builder because the Divi team loves open-source software. Almost 115 highly experienced team members work together to make Divi more professional. In 12 years of business way, Divi collected 806k customers' trust.

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Final Thought 

Landing page builders are a great tool to make a single-page website. As it creates under a specific desired focus and everything is under a single page, you have to decide everything carefully. 

The landing page is not an alone thing to generate your sales and boost your business. You should choose combined marketing tools like CRM software, email marketing software, etc. 

There are tons of tools available in the market, but quality always matters a lot. You should compare tools to each other by knowing every feature, it can help you to choose the better option.

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