Different Ways to Build a Website that Makes Money in 2022

If you want to make money smartly using your website, you have to build your site properly at first. After building your website, there are a few steps to be done. Here I’m discussing everything you have to do and what to not.

Build a website and make money online

What are the different ways to build a website that makes money? 

Making money using the website isn't so easy task nowadays. But I can ensure that no so many other easy ways available to grow passive income like this way.

If you can do everything perfectly, then it will be a mere thing to make money from your blog.  

There are so many options to make a professional website, but every option is not beneficial to all. It varies from user to user according to their knowledge about fields, financial status, or needs.

I categorized here different ways to make a website according to user basis. 

Different ways to make a website:
  • Using blogging platforms (Entry-level): You can use blogging platforms and use their subdomains to make your website. You need to follow some simple steps to open a website here. Just make registration and set configuration. Some blogging platforms example: Google Blogger, Tumblr, etc.
  • Using website builders (Beginner level): If you want to run a professional website without knowing any programming knowledge and within a short time, then website builder platforms are for you. Just use drag and drop options to set up your website. These types of builders are not for free, but you can get some basic builders for free of charge.
  • Working with WYSIWYG editor (Beginner level): It is also like Website Builder. you will get some drag and drop options to make your website. It is more complex than Website Builders and you don't have to pay for it.
  • Using CMS platforms (Intermediate level): You must have some basic knowledge to run a website using CMS. Programming knowledge is also required. Most major CMS platforms are open source and free. You can make almost all types of websites using CMS. Some CMS examples: WordPress, Joomla, etc.
  • By writing codes (Advanced level): It is only for advanced level users. You can make your website by learning different programming knowledge. This option gives you the freedom to make your website whatever you want. All the previous options aren't able to give you 100% freedom because they have their own structures. 
Steps to launch a website 
  1. Select your brand identity: Without knowing your intention you won't run a website the proper way. First of all, you have to decide what you want to do by using your website. that will tell you your brand identity. 
  2. Select niche: Then you have to decide which area you want to work for. Selecting a niche is not so easy task, and your future goal and success mostly depend on it. to select a niche, please make research on it. Always try to select a niche topic in which you are very interested or something related to your passion. 
  3. Buy a domain and hosting (Not for entry levelers): After selecting your desired niche, you have to select a domain name relevant to your niche. be careful to choose a domain name, because it represents everything about your website at a glance. 
  4. Chose a website platform: Choose a platform where and how you want to launch your website. if you don't have much coding knowledge, then try CMS or Website Builder platforms. Sometimes it is better to use such a platform than code by hand because there have some security issues. 
  5. Configure website with hosting: You need to set up your hosting server to run your website. after finishing configuration, upload your files on the server. you need to set up your nameserver (if needed) and databases.
  6. Add content: Write some content and save it as a draft, make frequent updates until it becomes perfect. 
  7. Finally, publish: It is time to publish your content. Published content will be visible on your website. 

How to make money using your website?

There are many different ways to make money using websites. I'm pointing some profitable ways here.
  1. Affiliate program: There are huge numbers of affiliate programs available on the internet. It is a marketing strategy where companies give a certain amount of commission to the referrer of their product or services. You can advertise their product on your website as a referrer via your affiliate link. to generate your affiliate link you have to create an affiliate account on your desired company.
  2. Run advertisements: Lots of companies like Google AdSense will show advertisements on your website that will be visible to your website visitors. It shows an Ads region basis, that is how you can earn money through advertisement. It is very popular among website owners because it is easier than other strategies to earn money using a website. 
  3. Sell products: If you want to run an e-commerce website, then you can earn money by selling products. It is not mandatory to sell products only by using e-commerce websites, you can use even your blog website to sell products. You can sell digital products using your website. 
  4. Provide services: You can provide different types of services through your website to earn money. For example Consulting service, Web design and development service, SEO service, and so on. 
  5. Get sponsors: A lots of websites run by getting support from their sponsors. If you want to get a sponsor, then you have to look for them. After finding out, contact them to know their requirement and conditions. 
  6. Collect funds: 

You should learn some essential things, in case you haven’t learned yet. I discussed everything shortly. 

Kinds of websites: According to usability there are different kinds of websites available on the internet. A few different kinds of websites are:

  • Business website
  • Educational website
  • Photography website
  • News and magazine website
  • Marketing website
  • Community website

Types of websites: According to the development strategy, there are two types of websites. 

  • Static – Static websites are only built with HTML and CSS. Some other languages can be slightly used. These kinds of websites are not functioned for adding posts, editing, or deleting anything. Users can hardly do anything without just viewing content. Content directly added manually inside HTML code. No database and admin panel are required to build such websites. 
  • Dynamic – Dynamic websites have lots of functions to add posts or comments and modify nearly everything on them. It contains two parts. 

1. Front-end: Which is shown to visitors. Almost everyone can access it here. 

2. Back-end: This part is only for authority. There are several roles defined for the users of the back-end like admin, moderator, editor, and so on. Login must be required to get access here.

Things need to manage a website well

  • PC or at least Smartphone 
  • Good internet connection 
  • Contents that make value to users
  • At least few technical knowledge
  • Lots of patience 

Frequently asked question 

Can I make a website for free?

Yes, you can make your website totally free of costs, but you will have less control over your website. 

Do I need programming knowledge to launch a website?

Not actually, you can run even a professional website without being a master in programming. There are tons of website builders and pre-made CMSs, templates, themes, and plugins already available. A huge number of those properties are totally free.

How many days need to make a website? 

Nowadays you can make a website even within an hour while using website builders or CMS.

Is it good to use a website builder or CMS? 

Both are ok, I think. But CMS seems safer to me. 

Conclusion: If you are really intending to make a website, it is not anything impossible nowadays even you have any major lackings.

But one thing you should maintain, and that is your ability. Please don’t run after something that can waste your valuable time and money. You already have flexible options.