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10 proven ways to make money from a personal blog in 2023

Blogging could be your major sources of income if you do everything perfectly. There are lots of ways to generate money from your blog site, but not all of them are suitable for you. 

I have listed here few ones and discussed shortly to help you to make your wise decision. Keep reading this article and implement your best strategies. 

Make money from personal blog

How to create a personal blog?

First of all, you need to select your blogging niche in your comfortable topic. Then choose a perfect domain name that relate to your niche. 

In this stage, you need to choose a website building platform. Instead you can choose a CMS or develop your site by hiring a developer. After creating your site, you need to set up different essential pages within it.

Then write contents and manage everything through control panel. You need to update your posts regularly. 

How to make money from a personal blog?

1.Promote affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is becoming too much popular day by day. You can generate money by implementing affiliate links on your website.

There are huge numbers of website owners who offer affiliate program to promote their products or services. They provide commission to third party advertisers to help them to sell their goods.

You can write reviews for such kind of products on your personal blog and add affiliate links. When users will buy any product by using your given links, you will get an attractive amount of commission. 

2.Sell digital products

You can sell digital products like online tools or e-books using your personal blog. Don't worry if you haven't e-commerce functionality on your website. There are many platforms available to help you implement e-commerce functionality even for free with limited access. 

Selling digital product is more easier than selling physical products. Because you don’t need to maintain shipping hassles. Customers will get access just immediately after making payment. Even customers usually get free trial opportunity, that definitely makes them happy.

Preparing digital products also very easy if you are skilled at any particular thing. Create virtual products on your own, sell them online using your blog and make money. 

3.Sell space for ads

There are lots of website owners who earn huge amount of money by showing advertisement on their site. 

Plenty of AD networks available to serve advertisement from publishers. Among them Google AdSense is the most popular one.

First of all, you need to get approved by authority to show advertisement. There are few requirements you need to meet to get approval.

After getting approval, ads will be shown on your website. You can set up the ads placeholders manually, or just allow them to serve automatically. 

4.Offer services

You can offer different services which you are skilled at. I know some SEO experts who provide consulting services through their personal blog.

A lots of people use their website as portfolio where they gather there work samples. You also can conference clients by showing your work samples.

Client feedback plays a vital role. You can add your Clint's feedback on your site and include their social media profile links as reference. 

5.Write sponsored posts

Isn't it amazing to get paid by writing posts on your own blog? Yes, you will get paid by writing sponsored posts on your personal site.

In this case, a company may want to present themselves or their products to your audiences. 

But it is not so easy to get a sponsor as a beginner. You have to manage them in any ways. Once your website will become popular, you will even get sponsor requests. 

6.Create a private forum

You can create a forum where mainly people will join to discuss a common thing. According to your particular expertise, you can ask them to join your private forum, where you will solve issues against payment. 

My suggestion is to separate your support system to free and premium if you want to make such forum. 

7.Create subscription based content

Bloggers usually write content that are accessible to all. But some websites restricts all users to access the whole contents. 

Basically, some educational and tutorial based websites require subscriptions to get full access. You may see a numbers of popular news website offer weekly and monthly subscriptions. 

If you find your content is helpful and popular among your audiences, you can implement paid subscription system. 

8.Sell online course

If you are skilled at something and people want to learn from you, then why you don't selling courses through online.

I know a successful blogger called Adam Infroy, who sell courses about how to become a successful blogger. Along with his blogging income he also get a huge amount of money from his online courses.

He also shared all of his case strategies on his blog site and YouTube channel. But surprisingly, lots of people like his paid courses to learn more deeply. He is really a cleaver person, I guess. 

So you can also cleverly sell your expertise, and acquire love and money both. 

9.Offer freelance service

I already mentioned that how you can utilize your blog as your portfolio. If you are available for freelancing job, then my best suggestion is to do tasks through your personal website.

Because freelancing marketplaces charge a huge amount of commission from your outsource income. Furthermore, you can get banned in anytime. So you can not ensure permanent existence here. 

To overcome this problem the best solution is to use your personal blog to provide freelancing services. You can use your website for freelancing along with marketplaces. 

10.Offer online tools

A huge number of people use online tools for different reasons. You can add variety of tools on your website that can help your audiences.

You can charge them for using those tools. But it is good practice to allow them limited access for free.

Lots of website owners also provide tools for totally free of costs. Because free tools are amazing to get backlinks as well as popularity. 

How to make a personal blog successful?

There are several proven ways that is how you can make your personal blog successful. Here I mentioned few ones below.

  • Understand your audiences and competitors

  • Choose a perfect niche and cover the topics properly

  • Optimize website for search engines 

  • Ensure better user experience, it is very important

  • Provide value to website users

  • Do not over optimize, keep everything natural

  • Do regular website audit and update contents regularly


Sadly, it is true that if you run after money, you will fail to get it while blogging. First of all, you need to create a better relationship with search engines. Because it represent the strength and the quality of a website.  

Secondly, you need to convene your audiences by providing better user experience. First you need to solely do everything for your website users, then they will help you to generate money. 

Tarikul islam

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Torikul islam is a professional web developer and affiliate marketer. Join Torikul to learn how to start a website and operate it well. He started his Web Developement career from Bangladesh Association of Software and Information (BASIS) in 2015. Later he continiued his journey to expanding knowledge and sharing it with others.

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