15 amazing online platforms to learn coding for free

You may want to become a successful programmer and may look for some amazing platform to acquire knowledge.
Here I made a list with a short explanation, it will help to get the exact platform that you want.

online platforms to learn code

Online free Courses platforms to learn code

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an amazing platform to learn different courses for free. Their intention is to provide free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere. There is a variety of courses available, but I'm just talking about programming courses. Explore your desired JS, HTML, CSS, and SQL courses from here. 
Type: Free

2. Codecademy

Codeacademy is the perfect place to learn code. They offer free courses along with paid courses. You will be able to track your progress during the course period. There have lots of resources to learn programming knowledge for free. This platform is particularly designed for coding learners, only computer programing related courses and resources are available here. 
Type: Paid + Free

3. Udacity

Udacity is the most popular online learning platform. They offer different types of programs where Programming and Development are also included. It is not a free platform as they are offering high-quality courses, but you will get one month free to learn. 
Type: Paid + Free

4. edX

edX offers more than 2,000 free courses from some world-leading institutes. It offers a variety of academic courses under a degree for certification. It also offers advanced computer programming courses in different languages. 
Type: Paid + Free

5. Udemy

Udemy offers a variety of online forces in different categories. Though most of the courses are paid, they also offer free courses as well. You will get a lot of free resources to learn code.
Type: Paid + Free

6. Coursera

There are few free resources are available in Coursera to learn programming languages. It is also a paid platform to enroll in any courses for a particular period of time. Just find out your desired courses by using the filter option. 

Type: Paid + Free

Online Blog platforms to learn code

7. W3schools 

W3schools is just an amazing platform for programmers. Beginners and advanced users are getting benefitted simultaneously from here. But I mostly prefer this platform for beginners. Lots of essential resources are available in W3school in different programming languages. You can learn here different types of languages like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL, and so on. 

8. CSS-tricks

It is one of my favorite platforms to explore some critical CSS tricks. As a blogging platform, it explains tricks in very depth. Not only CSS-related tricks but also some other programming language tricks are also explained here briefly. Because programming is a combined task of different related languages. But this place is only suitable for learning CSS, and I recommend it for advanced users because explained tricks are really tricky. 

9. PHPpot

This blog helps me a lot to solve many PHP-related problems. This blog is founded and run by Vincy, a female software engineer. Her written codes and explanations are very clear. Some open-source projects are available on her website with demos, which saves me a lot of time. You will get not only PHP-related solutions here but also JS and different frameworks-related solutions available here. 

Online Forum platforms to learn code

10. StackOverflow

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Keep practicing personally while you learn programming languages online. Programming knowledge grows with practice because it is a practical topic. Just by reading no one can be a good programmer. Besides learning, you should share knowledge with others on different online forums.