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7 key benefits of SEO for your websites

We know that SEO is crucial to growing a website. But you need to know how exactly SEO makes an impact on your website. That is how you will get maximum outcomes from your site. 

After knowing that, you will be able to implement SEO naturally. Here I discussed what you need to know about it. I hope you will find this article helpful to you. 

key benefits of SEO for your websites

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic by maintaining a few rules. SEO mainly brings unpaid traffic totally free of cost. It doesn’t only mean content optimization; the whole website must be optimized, even from design. 

Importance of SEO for websites

1. Search engines like SEO

Search engines show results from a large number of websites. SEO or search engine optimization helps search engines to identify the proper content.

If you write unique content but do not adequately optimize for search engines, your content won't rank on search results.

Search engine optimization not only refers to search engine-friendly content but also refers to user-friendly content.

So you must maintain many things simultaneously to make a relationship with search engines to maximize your website traffic. 

2. It helps to grow digital marketing

Digital marketing mainly refers to marketing systems that include digital devices and platforms.

Blogging is a kind of digital marketing, and you need to implement SEO in it to get a good result. Along with blogging, lots of other digital marketing channels require SEO.

For instance, video sharing and different kinds of content-sharing sites require SEO to reach the proper audiences.

Even paid marketing's success depends on it. Pay Per Click campaign is an example of digital marketing which requires keyword research and SEO.

3. SEO will give you a competitive advantage

It goes without saying that SEO will give you huge competitive advantages. Obviously, you can keep a step ahead of your competitors if you do SEO better than others.

Better SEO indicates the content quality, user experience and things to attract search engines. So you optimizing your content for better SEO means that your contents are highly qualified.

SEO encourages you to research your competitors and find out the content gap to fulfill readers' demands. It also inspires you to research your audiences to provide better user experience.

After researching both, you can create unique content to keep yourself ahead of your competitors. 

4. SEO targets quality traffic

Search engines always try to show high quality and the exact contents users seek. So users are highly reliant on SERP results.

As search engines try to provide accurate results, you can get real visitors to your website. Quality traffic always creates an increasing conversion rate.

And I again encourage you to ensure a better user experience because the user experience is a metric of SEO. 

Quality traffics always visits websites to get benefited from using functionalities and content. They can quickly become your customers if you sell goods or services through your website.  

5. It also improves website usability

As SEO always emphasizes a better user experience,  this is how it improves the website's usability.

As search engines like well-performed websites, you have almost no chance of getting ranked with poor website functionalities.

Website usability is also a metric of website performance, so you must optimize it well. There are lots of online SEO tools available to identify website usability and performance. 

6. It enhances the user engagement rate

When it comes to SEO optimization, you must optimize it for users first. Search engines will love your content if users find them useful.

As SEO always asks to optimize itself for users, they will engage more with SEO-friendly content. It causes visitors to get an attractive first impression and lets visitors convert to users. 

When a user engages with a website, he unintentionally invites many other users to use your website. The average engagement rate represents the website's quality and strength. 

7. It minimizes marketing costs

Organic traffic is the primary source of website visitors in most cases. SEO-friendly contents bring more and more organic traffics from search engines.

As you have to pay nothing to search engines, you have a great chance to minimize your marketing cost.

Surprisingly, free organic traffic sources are highly effective compared to paid campaigns. Because paid campaigns sometimes show advertisements to the wrong users. Where updated search engine algorithms are potent in identifying the right users.

How to optimize websites for SEO?

SEO optimization is not such an easy task. But please don’t take it as a too difficult task. Just maintain a few key things. I pointed out a few below.

  • Pick keywords within your niche

  • Understand your competitors and do better than them

  • Know the search intent of users

  • Stay up to date with the latest trends

  • Be more specific with long tail keywords

  • Don’t pick a single keyword for multiple pages

  • Keep it simple and natural, don’t over-optimize

  • Update website content regularly


You need to create a relationship with search engines and your audiences to get proper benefits from your website. Create the relationship in a natural way that you feel good and exactly works.  This is called SEO, I think. 

Do not do things for machines because search engines can now detect human feelings. If you fail to get benefits from SEO, you also will be failed to get success. 

Tarikul islam

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Torikul islam is a professional web developer and affiliate marketer. Join Torikul to learn how to start a website and operate it well. He started his Web Developement career from Bangladesh Association of Software and Information (BASIS) in 2015. Later he continiued his journey to expanding knowledge and sharing it with others.

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