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8 simple steps to build up an e-commerce website

Creating an e-commerce website is easy nowadays. But you need to do everything wisely. Otherwise, a mere mistake can harm your whole efforts.

I have examined the ways how a website can grow initially and which mistakes a beginner may make. I tried to find out the best solution for beginners as well as advanced users.

Here is discuss everything shortly how you can create and launch your e-commerce easily and perfectly.

Steps to build up an e-commerce website

What is an e-commerce website?

An e-commerce website allows people to buy and sell physical or digital products and services over the internet. Through an e-commerce website a business owner can display his products and services on virtual shop.

Virtual shop allows users to choose products, place orders, make payments, and more. Business owners can manage shipping and logistics, provide customer service through it.

Steps to build up an e-commerce website

1. Select a perfect domain name

You need to be careful while select a domain name for your e-commerce website. Because e-commerce site's domain name also represents the services and the brand.

There are number of things you need to maintain to choose a domain name. This is the first task to launch a website.

Domain name represents your website identity. Your all future plans will depends on it.

2. Get a powerful hosting plan

Not all hosting services are suitable for an e-commerce website. Get a powerful and scalable hosting solution.

Website loading speed mostly depends on hosting performance, so you need to pick a hosting plan that can ensure enough speed. Website speed also influence the user experience as well as SEO.

In an e-commerce site, good user experience is mandatory to become successful.

There are many security issues in low quality web hosting services. Be careful about security when purchasing your hosting plan.

Majority of hosting providers nowadays are providing free SSL service with their all of hosting plans, so you need to check the availability of it.

3. Pick an e-commerce site building platform

There are many ways you can create your e-commerce website. E-Commerce site building platforms can assist you to make your professional website within a short time.

Some site building platforms include free plans for beginners to open a website. But professional website require advanced plans.

You can use different CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and so on. Some major CMSs are totally free to use, but you need to spend a lot on different plugins and themes.

Instead, you can create your website by coding your own, or you can hire developers to write codes. This is the most advanced option among all, and it requires more time and money.

4. Create and customize pages

If you done sign up with an e-commerce site building platform, you need to create and customize different pages of your website.

Set up your pages how you want to show your product or services on your web pages. You must include some essential pages like homepage, about, contact, privacy policy, products page, and so on.

You can choose different themes for your e-commerce site. Try different ones to find out the attractive one.

There may some free themes available for you just to try. You will get huge numbers of paid themes to choose form.

Most of the site builders provide drag and drop functionality, and that is how you will be able to customize everything very easily.

5. Set up payment and shipping method

Creating an e-commerce website is a bit critical compared to creating another types of websites. Because implementing payment and shipping systems are quite tricky and there have some security issues.

Don't worry, e-commerce site builder platforms made it easy for you. There are plenty of payment and shipping methods available, and you just need to set up as you like.

You have to set up your payment and shipping methods according to your region, currency, language and so on.

6. Add enough content

It is mandatory to add a large number of products on your online shop. You need to ensure that you are able to provide what your audiences searching for.

Make the availability of almost all products under your niche. Before launching your website, you also I need to prepare everything for users.

Do everything perfectly and professionally. Gathering customer’s trust is too hard at the beginning stages. If your audiences find your website resourceful, you have a great chance to gain trust easily.

7. Setup marketing tools

Marketing is essential even for established business owners. So you need to set up your marketing tools and channels initially to get better results.

You can try and different paid tools, but I emphasize you also try out different free tools simultaneously. Initially, you should minimize your marketing costs.

You need to set up your social media platforms. Those are not just help you to market your brand, they represents your well standing as well.

At the beginning, you need to announce more and more about your online shop. Otherwise, how will your potential audiences come to know about you?

So prepare your marketing strategies before launching your site. Even you can start your marketing activity before launching.

8. Take your website live

It is time to come out with your website in front of your audiences. Try to impress them in different ways. Better website user experience is always impressive.

You should check everything again and again before launching your site. Because small faults can hamper a lot.

If users don't find your website helpful from any prospective, they may not come again. So, be careful to catch the first impression.

Importance of e-commerce website for businesses

Nowadays almost every business demand e-commerce sites. There are lots of reasons behind the importance of virtual shops. I mentioned here few ones.

  • Create more brand awareness
  • Make online presence
  • 24/7 opening hour
  • Truck users activity
  • Cross the regional barrier
  • Include unlimited products
  • Ensure better customer support
  • Minimize business costs
  • Digital marketing opportunity


When building your e-commerce website, you need to focus on your budget, product, audiences, competitors, business type, and more. These are help you to determine which site building platform will be suitable for you.

My strong suggestion is to maintain better user experience. Because it is the key to e-commerce success from my perspective.

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