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10 key steps to run campaign for an e-commerce website

A business success mostly depends on fruitful strategies. Those strategies also includes marketing and campaigns.

To run a successful e-commerce campaign, you need to follow few key steps to get maximum outcomes with minimum costs.

Here I discussed exactly what I found beneficial to me. Keep reading till the end.

key steps to run e-commerce campaign

What is an e-commerce campaign?

An e-commerce campaign is a marketing strategy which used by virtual shop owners to drive brand awareness, customer loyalty, profit through the use of paid and free mediums.

E-commerce campaign mostly relay on digital marketing. This kinds marketing perform through digital platform using electronic devices.

How to run a campaign for an e-commerce website?

1. Create plan precisely 

To running a campaign for your e commerce website, you need to set your plan precisely. You can follow different strategies to implement your plan for your campaign.

Creating a plan also requires few steps if you want to do it wisely.

Planning steps are:

  • Recognize the need of action
  • Find out the objectives
  • Develop premises
  • Identify alternatives
  • Examine the alternatives
  • Select the alternatives
  • Formulate the supporting plan
  • Implement the plan finally

Planning is essential because your father task will depends on it.

Perfect plan includes the campaign type, budget, location, product or service type, and many things.

2. Analyze audience and competition

If you don't analyze your audiences precisely you want get a better result. Learn about your audience’s mind and choices. You can use social media platforms to understand the audiences more deeply. Users usually share their daily life in social media site naturally.

Researching your competitors is equal important, try to find out how they manage to convince the customers.

3. Segment your audience

Divide your audiences under different segmentation and run separate campaign for different individual groups. Segment them according to demographically and geographically.

Proper segmentation can bring you amazing results as not everyone is interested in the same type of products or services.

For example men and women can have different perspectives on a particular type of product. If you run your e-commerce campaign for both men and women, you may lose your 50% return instantly.

But surprisingly, people make purchase for opposite gender in different occasions. So I again ask you to understand the consumers mind.

4. Create campaign content

This time you need to create content for e-commerce advertisement. Prepare content under different segmentation and for different groups.

Before creating your content, you have to determine which marketing channels are perfect for your campaign.

Content type could varied from your marketing channels and marketing strategies. You can create multiple content differently to find out the best ones.

5. Create your email list

Prepare your email list, no matter which audience groups you are focusing. Just share your campaign link with a short description via email.

Create different email list under proper segmentation. After sending email, you need to make another segmentation based on email opening rate and conversion rate.

To do that you need to track your email. There are lots of online tool available to assist you.

6. Set up marketing channel

Set up your marketing channels where you want to run your e-commerce website campaign. If you have already previous experience, then you can utilize that. Otherwise you need to learn about different channels to get productive ones.

It doesn't always mean that you must run your campaign by spending money. Free campaign could be more productive if you can do everything cleverly.

My suggestion is to run campaign both on free and paid mediums.

7. Prepare social media accounts

Social media platforms could be the free medium of digital marketing. Just like email marketing, you can share your content on different social media sites.

Social media presence helps to grow customers' trust. Do not neglect social sites as a free medium of marketing.

Use social sites to understand your audience more deeply. And prepare social accounts to share your e-commerce campaign.

8. Make experiment

You should prefer multiple strategies to run your E-Commerce campaign. Not all of the strategies will give you a better result. By making experiment you can determine which strategies will bring you success.

You can make experiment by running campaigns for a short period of time. After making experiment, analyze the results more deeply.

9. Perform A/B testing

This is a comparison method among similar things. In e-commerce campaign, you can set a particular campaign under different strategies. Then try each strategy and find out the best ones.

A/B testing will help you to compare which strategy is the best. You can try this testing method in different ways and different purposes.

10. Select profitable strategies

Obviously you need to implement profitable strategies for your campaign. Use strategies from your experiment.

If you choose random strategies, there have a great chance to become failure. Try to reach more audience with lower cost.

Large number of audiences not always shows the success rate. Just try to determine that who are your audiences. Only targeted audiences can make your campaign successful.

11. Start campaign

Finally, this is time to start your campaign. Make sure you did everything perfectly. You can check everything again if everything is done precisely.

I recommend you to run your campaign through different channels, and invest more on profitable ones.

It doesn't mean that you should totally avoid less profitable marketing channels. Just make less emphasize on them. Try to expand your marketing area and take instant decision wisely.

To run an e-commerce campaign, you need to ensure better user experience on your website. Otherwise you will get lower conversion rate.

Why campaign is important for e-commerce websites?

There are several reasons behind the importance of e-commerce campaign. I putted here some key reasons.

  • Establish and strengthen your brand
  • Generate more revenue
  • Make your own rules for your site
  • Find out the creative strategies
  • Let customers know about new products
  • Broaden the number of audiences
  • Determine the segmentation
  • Learn about potential market


Before running an e-commerce campaign, you need to make exact idea about your budget, product, audiences, competitors, marketing channels, marketing strategies, and so on.

It is not always necessary that you always need to follow a set of steps and strategies, just try to find out your comfortable and profitable zone.

End of the day, campaign outcome will be the only matter, nothing else. So grab a better outcome in any mean.

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