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7 things you need to balance when doing SEO

To do proper SEO you must need to maintain few crucial things because over-optimization or less-optimization is harmful.

I have analyzed a lot of strategies, and I gathered here my findings. I also include here which experts think about SEO. So, I hope this short discussion will be helpful to you.

Things yo need to balance when doing SEO

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving the overall quality and quantity of a website traffic. SEO doesn’t only mean the content optimization, it includes the whole website optimization. It brings free traffic to quality contents.

Things you need to balance in SEO

1. Pick keywords within your niche

It is important to pick keywords that is under your niche. If you select amazing keywords from random topics, you won’t get a better result.

It is not a matter if you select keywords even those have lower competition and higher search volume unit you choose keywords which fits your website.

My suggestion is not to make your niche too specific that is how you will get a chance to cover a larger area of topics.

2. Understand your competitors and do better than them

Understanding your competitors is too important to do SEO because competition is a matric to determine the right keyword.

Always try to pick keywords that has lower competition. Find out the content and keyword gaps between you and your competitors.

You need to try provide information that is totally new on internet and none of your competitors used it before.

There are lots of SEO tools available to research the competitor website and contents. To survive better, you must need to ensure quality contents than your competitor’s.

3. Know search intent of users

You must need to know why users are searching things by using a particular keyword. Try to realize what they actually are looking for and what are their demands.

If you don't realize the searcher’s intent, you won't get a productive result. It can cause you failure even after you get rank with a particular keyword.

For instance, people are searching the keyword ‘YouTube’, and they obviously search for the ‘youtube.com.’ if you are in the first position with this keyword, users won't find your site helpful.

Always try to satisfy your audiences and provide them a better experience. Not just try to satisfy the search engine robots. Because search engines also provide importance to better user experience.

4. Stay up to date with latest trends

If you write your content based on backdated topics which people are not really interested, then definitely you will lose your efforts.

Always try to stay up to date, and try to regularly update your contents. Understand the trends wisely because not all trends are suitable for you.

Follow the relevant trends that really helps to fulfill user’s demand. You should differentiate between long term trends and short term trends.

You need to determine that whether the trends are coming from seasonal behaviour, temporary activities, or growing technology.

You can use Google trends or you can use trend graphs on different keyword research tools.

5. Be more specific with long tail keywords

You should try to keep your content specific as much as possible. Specific keywords help to cover the topics more deeply.

Long tail keywords make a topic more specific. It is better for SEO and definitely good for user experience.

An example of unspecific keyword is 'web hosting'. And more specific one is 'web hosting for small business owners'.

Specific keywords make lower the competition level. And is has better chance to satisfy the specific users.

6. Don’t pick a single keyword for multiple pages

Search engines hardly rank multiple pages for a single keyboard within a single website. If you use a keyword on different pages to get rank for multiple pages, you may lose your hard work.

For similar contents, you can combined them in a single page. Though word count is not a fact for search engine ranking, longer content create a chance to cover the topic more deeply. And properly covering the topic is important for SEO.

7. Keep it simple and natural, don’t over-optimize

Try to create natural sound to make a great interaction with readers. If you can create a friendly conversation, your audiences will find your content more helpful.

Optimized content is always better, but over-optimization may causes harm. Just write your content such way that you are talking with a person face to face and describing a thing.

Do not write your contents for search engines because you are writing for humans, not for robots. Even search engine robot can detect user experience whether your audiences find your content helpful or not.

Why SEO is important?

  1. Search engines like SEO

  2. SEO will give you a competitive advantage

  3. SEO targets quality traffic

  4. To ensure better user experience SEO is essential

  5. It helps to grow digital marketing

  6. It also improve website usability

  7. It enhance the user engagement rate

  8. It minimize marketing costs

  9. Content quality mostly depends on SEO


Doing SEO is not a big deal, just do it naturally. Otherwise, if you take more time and make more effort to over optimization, you will get a bad result for sure.

Just maintain two things - good user experience with natural tune and avoid search engines restrictions.

Tarikul islam

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Torikul islam is a professional web developer and affiliate marketer. Join Torikul to learn how to start a website and operate it well. He started his Web Developement career from Bangladesh Association of Software and Information (BASIS) in 2015. Later he continiued his journey to expanding knowledge and sharing it with others.

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