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Best web hosting companies in Bangladesh (Top 10 Reviews)

Choosing the right web hosting services is essential if you want to run your website perfectly. To choose a perfect web hosting you should consider the disk space, bandwidth limit, uptime, speed, security, and so on. 

When you are searching for the best web hosting in Bangladesh, this guide will definitely help you to choose the best one. Because I covered every detail very clearly after analyzing it a lot.

I ranked and reviewed here the best 14 web hosting services in BD so that you can pick the best one for you.

Is Bangladeshi web hosting better?

Obviously, Bangladeshi web hosting is better for local people. Because a number of BD hosting providers provide fully international quality hosting services. Even I also found some extra facilities for beginners to get web hosting in Bangladesh. 

You can pay using local currency (BDT), and simply using a mobile banking system (Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, etc). They also support all major international payment systems like Visa, MasterCard, and so on. 

Surprisingly, sometimes you will get an additional better experience by using local hosting compared to international hosting services. For example, some providers are providing BDIX hoisting that is totally designed for Bangladeshi people to get extra fast page speed. 

I’m truly saying, I got amazing customer service when I needed it at any time. I was able to clarify my problem to them in my native language. There are lots of customer support systems available to choose from. 

What are the top 10 web hosting services for BD users?

Here are my top recommended web hostings in Bangladesh.


1. ItNutHosting - Best overall web hosting in Bangladesh 2. Exonhost - Most reliable hosting for beginners 3. HostingBangladesh - Cheap price and quality service 4. XeonBD - Renowned web hosting in DB 5. Hostseo - Good for small online businesses 6. Hostever - A variety of hosting packages are available 7. Web Host BD - Additional services available 8. Dhaka Web Host Best backup and uptime 9. Zhost - Free domain with shared hosting plans 10. HostMight - Best speedy hosting in Bangladesh

Comparison Chart: 

Don't have enough time? Just take a quick view here, and I recommend also reading the conclusion section at least too. 

Title Storage Bandwidth Price Starts Backup Free Site Transfer Email Account
ItNutHosting 5 - 30 GB Unmetered ৳299/m Basic  Yes Unlimited
Exonhost 5 -20 GB 250 GB-1000 GB ৳245 /m Yes Yes Unlimited
HostingBangladesh 5 GB -Unlimited 100 GB-Unlimited ৳800 /y No No 100- Unlimited
XeonBD 3 GB -Unlimited 100 GB-Unlimited ৳325 /m Yes Yes Unlimited
Hostseo 30 GB -Unlimited 500 GB -Unlimited ৳1,699 /y Yes Yes 20- Unlimited
Hostever 500MB - 5 GB 15 GB - 125 GB ৳1,200 /y Limited No 20 - 35
Web Host BD 2GB - 5GB 100 GB - 250 GB ৳1,500 /y yes Yes Unlimited
Dhaka Web Host 1GB - Unlimited 50 GB - Unlimited ৳1,000 /y Yes Yes 50- Unlimited
Zhost 1GB - Unlimited 40 GB - Unlimited ৳1,500 /y Yes No Unlimited
HostMight 1GB - 40GB 20 GB - 100 GB ৳1499 /y Yes No -

What are The Best Web Hosting Providers in Bangladesh?

What actually the definition of the best web hosting? The simple answer could be that the best hosting is one, which able to satisfy its user by providing proper value. To ensure proper value, the hosting providers set a customer desired price, enough storage, the best uptime, and many things. 

The basic scenario is almost the same for local and international hosting companies. But you will get some extra benefit from the local hosting providers which I also experienced. The payment method is very flexible here, and you will receive easy and enough support compared with international providers.

But not all local hosting providers will give you the same facility. So I briefly discussed here some top hosting services in Bangladesh. When you think about web hosting in Bangladesh, then questions come about quality and price. You must have to use a good quality service and also a good price. You can choose the best service from the following list.

1. ItNutHosting - Best overall web hosting in Bangladesh

It Nut Hosting is the best hosting company in Bangladesh. If you thinking about a local hosting provider with international quality, then you can choose them. I recommend It Nut Hosting because I used their service for a long time. The support team is really amazing, they always make valuable rapid responses. It Nut Hosting provides services for domain and hosting, you can also get their email services. 

Homepage of 'ItNutHosting' The best Bangladeshi domain and hosting provider

I found this hosting service more valued for its powerful features. The following are the core features that make this service the best overall.

Enough storage:

It Nut provides enough space to launch and operate a small to medium website. When it comes to shared hosting, they provide at least 5 GB NVMe storage at the cheapest price. They also provide enough large space with other types of hosting like VPS or Windows hosting.  

Unlimited bandwidth:

I appreciate this amazing feature, which ensures tension-free data transmission. Every time users visit your website and reach your content by consuming an amount of bandwidth. If there have any bandwidth limitations, no visitor can visit your website after reaching the limit. 

Best uptime:

Like many other quality hosting providers, It Nut also offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Few companies also offer to compensate if they fail to fulfill the guarantee, though It Nut doesn't offer such a challenge. Uptime is generally the most important metric for a website, which refers to the amount of time that a website is available online to visit or use. 

Best speed:

The company built their web server with all new web hosting technologies, and all their servers have a pure SSD drive, http2, the latest PHP engine, Litespeed server, and a very powerful LiteSpeed caching system. They also announced that they host a small number of websites on their servers to keep the server free from overload and ensure 20x more speed than the usual servers. If your targeted audience is from Bangladesh, I recommend you to use BDIX hosting

Flexible payment method:

You can use both local and international currency to pay them. They support International payment systems like Visa and MasterCard as well as local mobile banking systems like Nagad, Bkash, and Rocket. They are verified by SSLCommerz, which is the largest payment gateway aggregator in Bangladesh. When you thinking about the payment methods and invoices, then ItNutHosting provides the best web hosting in Bangladesh

Customer support:

The technical support system is just amazing as they offer 24/7 customer support for the whole year. They offer different ways to get support like Phone calls, Chat, Email, Tickets, and others. The main advantage is that you can use your native language to describe your problems. 

Other features:

There are lots of other essential features available like a one-click app installer, 30-day money-back guarantee, Free SSL certificate, Cheapest price, WordPress optimization, Auto backup, Strong security, and so on. 

You will enjoy unlimited access to many features like Bandwidth, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts, E-Mail Accounts, Email Forwarders, Auto Responders, Mailing Lists, Subdomains, etc.

Technical Specifications

Uptime 99.9%
Datacenter USA, Canada, Bangladesh, Singapore
CPU 0.5 vCore -  24 vCore
RAM 512 MB - 128 GB
File upload limit 2,00,000 - Unlimited
Apps Installer 451+ apps with a 1-click install

Quick Facts

  • You can pay using both local (BDT) and international currency (USD).
  • BDIX hosting is most preferable for Bangladeshi visitor-based websites.
  • Page loading speed is enough good and you will enjoy unlimited bandwidth.
  • Dedicated servers are highly powerful. 

Pros and Cons of It Nut Hosting


  • User-friendly control panel
  • Cheaper price
  • Extra fast speed
  • Technical support team
  • Flexible payment method
  • BDIX for more speed


  • Their frequent server update causes a few problems
  • Sometimes you have to pay more for renewal

All Services that It Nut Hosting Provides

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Managed VPS hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Premium hosting
  • BDIX hosting for BD websites
  • Email service
  • Domain registration
  • Windows hosting


After using years I made this review, so you can easily guess whether I'm satisfied or not. But I faced some problems multiple times due to their server maintenance, which was really disappointing. If you are searching for the best Bangladeshi web hosting, you can consider this one without much hesitation. 

try It Nut Hosting now

2. ExonHost - Most reliable hosting for beginners

ExonHost is the most popular hosting provider in Bangladesh. They provide amazing hosting services in different plans. ExonHost made its footprint in 2009, after that it gradually becomes the leading web hosting platform in Bangladesh.  

Different types of hosting plans of Bangladeshi hosting provider Exonhost

This web hosting is very beginner-friendly and easy to control. That is why a lot of young entrepreneurs found this company reliable for them. Some amazing features make them stand in this position. 

Best uptime:

ExonHost offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which refers to the longer amount of time that a website will be available online. No hosting company can guarantee 100% uptime. Uptime over 97% is considered the best duration. When you think about better uptime, then ExonHost provides the best web hosting in Bangladesh

High-Performance SSD Server:

To ensure high-performance ExonHost uses the solid-state drives (SSD) Server, which is a new generation of storage device and faster than usual memory. As speed matters, the company uses the LiteSpeed webserver to boot the webpage loading speed. You can use BDIX to get extra speed.

Best value:

They offer hosting packages at the cheapest rate with valuable features. So by purchasing the hosting packages from here, you will have enjoy the best value against the price. 

User-friendly control panel:

This hosting service is very beginner-friendly because of its flexible easy-to-use control panel. Their control panel can be used by those with little experience in website development. After getting access to the control panel, you can use some easy one-click-installer tools.

Best customer support:

It is very essential to get proper support anytime for startups. ExonhHost offers 24/7/365 technical support like many other top-level hosting providers. They offer support via Phone calls, Email, Tickets, Live chat, and so on.

Free site migration:

Lots of hosting providers charge for site migration, but Exonhost is different from them. Their highly experienced technical team will help you transfer your website to their hosting from another provider. You will enjoy no downtime during the process, but I recommend you keep a backup of your files to start this process. 

Other features:

There are a lot more features available on ExonHost like a one-click app installer, 30-day money-back guarantee, Free SSL certificate, Cheapest price, WordPress optimization, Auto backup, Strong security, Spam Protection, Latest cPanel, and so on. 

You will enjoy unlimited access to many features like MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts, E-Mail Accounts, Auto Responders, etc. 

Technical Specifications

Uptime 99.99% on an average
PHP Version PHP 7.4
Datacenter 9 servers located in the US, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Germany
CPU 1 CPU Core - 08 CPU
RAM 700 MB - 32 GB
Security 20 GBPS DDoS Protection

Quick facts

  • Servers are located worldwide including in Bangladesh.
  • You can pay using both BDT and USD.
  • They offer customer service through skilled technicians.
  • Hosting packages are designed to run WordPress sites smoothly.

Pros and Cons of ExonHost


  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Cheapest price
  • Free website migration
  • Amazing customer support
  • Flexible payment method
  • Fast loading speed
  • Large user base among local providers


  • Higher renewal price
  • Few server falling issues

All Services that ExonHost Provides

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Email service
  • Domain registration
  • Turbo hosting
  • BDIX hosting for BD websites


A lot of young entrepreneurs found this hosting service very helpful to grow up their business. I also like this international standard web hosting for its amazing service. But the only major thing I noticed was that this company faced a server crash a few years ago. By facing the worse experience, they upgraded their system very strongly, and now they are serving their service through 9 data centers worldwide.

try ExonHost now

3. HostingBangladesh - Cheap price and quality service

HostingBangladeh is one of the best web hosting companies in Bangladesh. Their targeted audience area is only Bangladesh, and what they doing is just to make Bangladeshi people happy. They only offer hosting and domain related services. You can choose this web hosting in Bangladesh at a cheaper price. 

'Hosting Bangladesh' Bangladeshi web hosting provider's website homepage

This hosting company offers services at a cheap rate but has a quality conditions. I included some key features below that make the service better.

Unlimited disk space:

HostingBangladeh offers even unlimited disk space with some cheapest hosting plans, it is just impressive. You will enjoy unlimited NVMe SSD storage, which is  5/6 times faster than normal SSD. Not all packages have unlimited space, but you will get enough memory with each. 

Unlimited Bandwidth:

Enjoy Unlimited bandwidth with their cheapest plans. Almost all hosting plans included an unlimited bandwidth offer, which can ensure an unlimited data transfer while visitors visit your website. 

Quick response:

According to the official announcement,  they make a response within 5 minutes when a customer wants to get support. As well as they take around 30 minutes to solve issues via a three-layer support system. 

WordPress optimized hosting:

For well-optimized WordPress websites, HostingBangladeh offers a few hosting plans that are only dedicated to WordPress. You will have enjoy a LiteSpeed server, LiteSpeed cache for WordPress, managed WordPress, image optimization, and lazy load images to boost speed.

Very cheapest price:

I was just amazed to see the pricing against the wonderful services. All of their hosting packages are relatively cheaper than any other hosting company in Bangladesh. But they don't compromise their service quality for the cheapest price. 


When the question comes to security, then HostingBangladeh also provides the best protection. Nowadays, DDoS attack is becoming a great threat among entrepreneurs. Their automated system recognizes almost all attack patterns including DDoS attacks and protects them before making any harm. 

Regular Backup:

This hosting company allocates 30 times more storage than your package size for keeping backup. You will be able to see where your backup files are stored. Keeping backups is too much essential to ensure a safe zone from uncertainty. 

Other features:

Some other essential features also included like 30-day money-back guarantee, a one-click app installer, a Free SSL certificate, a Free lifetime domain, WordPress optimization, Auto backup, Spam Protection, etc.

Unlimited access you will enjoy like Disk space, Bandwidth, Subdomains,  and Websites. But the cheapest plans doesn't include unlimited FTP accounts, MySql databases, and Email accounts

Technical Specifications

Uptime 99.99% on an average
PHP version PHP 7.0
Memory type 100% NVMe SSD Disk
Server Location USA and Germany
Backup 30 copies
RAM 1 GB - 256 GB
CPU Up to 16 cores

Quick facts

  • They offer a response time of five minutes and a problem-solving time is thirty minutes.
  • Bangladeshi and international payment system is applicable.
  • You will get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space with even basic plans.
  • Price is very cheap but provides high-quality services. 

Pros and Cons of HostingBangladeh


  • Very cheap price
  • High-performance
  • Unlimited memory and bandwidth
  • Best customer support
  • Flexible payment method
  • Packages are designed for BD people
  • WordPress optimized


  • Only two servers located worldwide

All Services that HostingBangladeh Provides

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Premium hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Domain registration


I found this web hosting is very productive for young entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses by spending less. Overall, this web hosting is very good, but there have few data centers and no data center is located near Bangladesh, though the available ones perform well. 

try HostingBangladeh now

4. XeonBD - Renowned web hosting in DB

XeonBD make its first step in 2005 by the founder Kazi Nazmus Saqib. Some professional team members work here together to provide good services to customers. Their head office is located in Dhaka. They provide lots of services like hosting services, domain registration, domain transfer, email service, web development service, security services, and so on. 

Different types of hosting and others services of XeonBD

Some big companies are using hosting services from XeonBD for their strong features. Let's explore why this hosting company is a renowned one in Bangladesh. 

Flexible payment method:

You can easily pay your bill using local or international currency to XeonBD. You can use international or local Bangladeshi credit cards, debit cards, or mobile banking services like bKash, Rocket, Islami Bank MCash, MyCash, IFIC Mobile Banking, etc. You will get more options to pay through the SSLCommerz payment gateway.

Monthly payment:

Not all hosting providers are supporting a monthly payment system, whereas XeonBD supports it. You will get four options (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months) to pay your bill. Just select your desired monthly option and make payment easily. 

Data center:

One of the data centers of XeonBD is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This data center has been designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality network performance. As an international standard hosting provider,  XeonBD has data centers in the USA and EU.

Fastest speed:

They provide quality services through the high performed servers located in different parts of the world. As servers are located in different locations, visitors can find their desired data from their nearest data centers. 

Latest technology:

To make the website highly performed and keep updated with current technology, XeonBD always uses the latest technologies. Technologies like control panels, software versions, different apps, and so on.  

Additional services:

The intention behind purchasing web hosting is to build up a website and make it available online. XeonBD can help you to build up and manage your website. This type of service is rare among hosting providers, so you can find this place helpful for you.  Other features:

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee, one-click app installers, WordPress optimization, a Free SSL certificate, 24/7 support, Free site migration, etc. You also will enjoy unlimited MySql databases and Email accounts.

Technical Specifications

Uptime 99.99% on an average
PHP Version PHP 4/5/7/8
Server Location BD, USA, and EU
RAM 512 MB - 32 GB
CPU 1 - 16 core
OS Linux, Windows

Quick facts

  • A large number of popular BD companies are using hosting services from XeonBD.
  • You can migrate your website to XeonBD free of charge.
  • Web design and development services are available along with hosting.
  • Data centers are located in Bangladesh, the USA, and the EU.

Pros and cons of XeonBD


  • You can pay using local and international currency
  • The monthly payment system is available
  • One data center is located in BD
  • Availability of the latest technology
  • WordPress optimized hosting
  • Cheap price and highly performed


  • Disk space and bandwidth are limited for basic plans

All Services that XeonBD Provides

  • Linux shared hosting
  • Windows shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • BDIX server for BD websites
  • WordPress hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Email service
  • Online security service
  • Web development service


Good numbers of Bangladeshi larger companies are using the services of XeonBD because of the quality and reputation. One great advantage of using this hosting is they are running their service through a BD server along with international ones. So larger business owners found this company while trying to choose a web hosting in Bangladesh. 

try XeonBD now

5. HostSEO - Good for small online businesses

HostSEO provides different types of quality hosting services. It has been founded in 2004, and now it has two offices located in UK and Dhaka. HostSEO runs its hosting through 7 hosting servers located in different parts of the world. Though HostSEO is a Bangladeshi hosting provider, it trying to make international steps. 

'Hostseo' Bangladeshi web hosting provider's website homepage

For your small business, HostSEO could be the best preference for some business helper functionality and features. I included some key features below to help you to make your decision. 

E-commerce functionality:

If you are looking for a hosting solution specially optimized for E-Commerce websites, you can purchase E-commerce hosting plans from HostSEO. To make your user experience better you can use their unique handmade e-commerce hosting solutions for online stores. You will be able to install Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and some other popular CMSs with just a single click.

Website builder:

This hosting service comes with a free website builder, which will help you to build up your different kinds of websites easily. Website builders can reduce your cost, time, and efforts. You will also get some pre-generated ideas, so you can use them if you don't have much coding knowledge. 

Free setup and site migration:

HostSEO offers free website and server setup while you purchase their services. If your site is already running in another company’s hosting and wants to transfer, then HostSEO will do it for totally free. Their migration experts provide fast transfers, including moving all your files, databases, and emails. Most of the web hosting in Bangladesh included this free service. 

WordPress optimized hosting:

WordPress is the most popular CMS among lots of others to ensure you a professional web environment. The hosting company offers a few plans, which are basically designed for WordPress websites. You will get a one-click WordPress installer with those hosting packages. 

Good customer service:

Customer support is very essential for beginners to grow their business. This hosting provider offers 24/7 customer support service for a whole year as the best hosting company in Bangladesh. There have different options to contact them like WhatsApp, Livechat, Support Ticket, and Email.

Daily backup:

Uncertainty has no rules, so you have to ensure your data backup is properly. Automatic backup can be the best solution for this situation, and HostSEO provides a daily backup service.

Other features:

Some other essential features are Zero Spam Hosting, 30-days money-back guarantee, one-click app installers, a Free SSL certificate, and so on. You will have enjoy unlimited Sub Domains, and Parked Domains with even cheaper plans. But advanced plans are included more unlimited features. 

I noticed that the payment method of this service is not enough flexible for Bangladeshi people, and the targeted customers are not BD people only.  

Technical Specifications

Uptime 99.99% on an average
Disk space 30 GB - Unlimited
Bandwidth 500 GB - Unlimited
RAM Up to 128 GB
Memory type NVMe SSD, SSD

Quick facts

  • E-commerce hosting plans are available to start your small online business.
  • You can pay only using international methods, and using USD.
  • You will be able to run your WordPress website using a one-click installer.
  • Advanced plans include more advanced features.

Pros and cons of HostSEO

  • Good for small business startups
  • E-commerce based plans and website builder is available
  • Larger disk space
  • Provide good customer service
  • WordPress optimized web hosting
  • Good uptime and performance
  • Additional services available
  • The payment method is not enough flexible for BD people
  • Basic plans are restricted from some features

All Services that HostSEO Provides

  • Shared hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Tomcat/Java hosting
  • E-commerce hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Email service
  • SEO service
  • VPN service


Though this hosting service does not support BD local currency to pay, it is a good platform for small business owners because they offer e-commerce and WordPress functionality. Basic plans have some restrictions, but advanced plans will give you what you may exactly expect.

try HostSEO now

6. Hostever - A variety of hosting packages are available

Hostever is also like other Bangladeshi hosting providers, providing hosting services for Bangladeshi people. The company provides hosting services through Windows and Linux hosting servers. You can get hosting services at a cheaper rate with limited resources. But if you want to get something advanced, then they are also able to provide you even a Dedicated server.

Bangladeshi web hosting provider Hostever's features

There are some key features that make this web hosting more productive which I pointed out below. 

Variety of packages and services:

Almost all types of hosting services are available on Hostever’s official website, where they also separated those services into different plans according to users' needs. They offer both Windows and Linux based server systems. 

I’m really impressed with their hosting plan which is designed basically for Bangladeshi students. WordPress hosting, e-commerce service, email service, SEO service, web development service, and lots of other services they are offering. 


Hostever provides service through high-performed web servers, which are very scalable. They are enterprise-grade hardware in their hosting server that can ensure a good uptime and better page speed. All of their servers come with SSD RAID-10, which is a faster one. 

More Security:

To ensure your security the hosting company designs their system to protect your website from all known attacks up to 30 Gbps. Where their network protects from over 95% of the most common DDoS attacks to keep secure your website.

WordPress optimized hosting:

WordPress CMS is the most popular platform for beginners and even advanced users. Like major hosting providers, this one also provides a WordPress optimization system for Bangladeshi people. They offer a few hosting plans those are basically designed for WordPress-designed sites, and a one-click WordPress installation app is available. 

Flexible payment method:

You can pay your payment for any purchase using local or international currency. For Bangladeshi people, they offer a mobile banking system also. Hostever supports international payment options like VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal, which also supports local mobile banking systems like Bkash, Rocket, and so on.

Daily Backup:

For your tension-free experience, this hosting provider offers a daily backup system. Your data will be stored for 7 days from the day of taking backup, so you can restore your data in that particular week. They also generate an offsite daily backup which will be stored for 5 days for disaster recovery and extra level backup facility. Overall, this one can provide a good backup service among the different hosting in Bangladesh. 

Other features:

They also offer a spam guard, 30-day money-back guarantee, Data Security, 24/7 customer service, a Student hosting pack, one-click installers, and so on. Though advanced plans are decorated with lots of essential features and unlimited uses, some basic plans are restricted from those features. 

Technical Specifications

Uptime 99.99% on an average
Disk space 500 MB - 1TB
Bandwidth 15 GB - Unlimited
RAM Up to 16 GB
CPU Up to 8 GB
Memory type SSD, HDD

Quick facts

  • A large number of hosting packages are available to choose from.
  • The student plan is available at a very cheaper price with few features.
  • You will be able to make payments using BDT and USD both.
  • They offer up to 30 GB of DDoS attack protection.
Pros and cons of Hostever


  • Very cheapest price
  • A large number of plans available to choose from
  • The student plan is very cheap
  • WordPress optimized web hosting
  • Flexible payment method
  • A proper backup system is available
  • Spam protection system available


  • Basic plans have some restrictions
  • Lower performance compared to some other BD hosting providers

All Services that Hostever Provides

  • Linux shared hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • BDIX server for BD websites
  • WordPress hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Email service
  • SEO service
  • Web development service


From my personal experience, this web hosting service is good for Bangladeshi students because the provider designed a plan basically for students at a very cheaper price. The payment method is also very easy and convenient. You can choose your desired hosting package from a lot of different options. 

try Hostever now

7. Web Host BD - Additional services available

If you are looking for the cheapest hosting plan, then please go for Web Host BD. They will provide you with the relatively best service that you want within your budget. Besides domain and hosting services they also provide web development services. You can make your e-commerce website, blogging website, educational website, or newspaper website by getting their help. 

Important features of Web Host BD

This hosting is basically designed for only Bangladeshi people, so you can see the key features below and determine whether this one meets your requirements or not. 

Lightspeed web server:

This hosting company offers a super-fast hosting service through an SSD server located in the USA. SSD is a storage device technology that uses integrated circuits (IC) assembles to store data for computers, which is faster than usual memories. SSD is much more energy-efficient and space-saving, which is also more expensive compared to HDD.  

Weekly backup:

When this hosting service comes with a weekly backup system, you will be able to recover your website fully in case of any emergency. It can happen that your data may be removed for any particular reason, and you get the backup immediately. 

cPanel control panel:

This one is the most common beginner-friendly control panel to control easily. For beginner entrepreneurs, this control panel can give more efficient results and the availability of useful options and app installers in hand. 

Payment method:

The name of the hosting company announces the targetted audience itself. So this provider only supports Bangladeshi currency to complete your order. There have no options to pay your bills using international currency. This payment system supports mobile banking systems like Bkash, Rocket, and Nagad. Alternatively, you can use a bank payment system or a direct cash system. 

Related additional services:

If you want to develop your website at a cheaper rate, they can help you to make a professional website. Different types of websites they offer to build, those websites could be e-commerce, portfolio, newspaper, blogging, and educational website. It will be better to get their hosting and web development service simultaneously. 

Customer support:

To maintain your website well, you need to get the proper customer support that actually this hosting provider provides. They offer a 24/7/365 customer support system, which means you will get support any time when needed via different mediums. 

Other features:

They also offer a free website builder, one-click app installer, 30-day money-back guarantee, free SSL certificate, website migration service, and so on. You will have enjoy unlimited sub-domains, databases, and email accounts with even basic plans. 

The only major negative thing I noticed is that, when you want to pay using your payment cards, there are no options available. But it is not a major problem when you are thinking to pay using BDT, and it will be preferable to hosting in Bangladesh. 

Technical Specifications

Uptime 99.99% on an average
Disk space 10 GB - 25 GB SSD Storage
Bandwidth 500 GB - 1000 GB
Memory type SSD
Server location USA

Quick facts

  • They offer a weekly backup system to ensure more security.
  • You can pay using a mobile banking system, and USD is not acceptable.
  • Additional services like web design and development are available.
  • The server is located only in the USA and it can impact page loading speed.

Pros and cons of Web Host BD


  • Available payment options for Bangladeshi people
  • Good uptime
  • Good performed SSD storage
  • WordPress optimized web hosting
  • A weekly backup system is available
  • Related additional services are available


  • Disk space and bandwidth are limited
  • Only local currency BDT is acceptable

All Services that Web Host BD Provides

  • Shared hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Premium hosting
  • Managed VPS hosting
  • Web design
  • Domain registration


From my perspective, this hosting company is not so good compared to some other hosting companies in Bangladesh, though it still provides high-quality services. This provider is not an international quality one because of some lackings like not supporting the international currency and limited data center locations. If you want to get additional services like website development along with hosting service, then you can get this one. 

try Web Host BD now

8. Dhaka Web Host - Best uptime

Dhaka Web Host provides a lot of services for Bangladeshi people. Their main service is web hosting and domain registration. But they started other services according to users' needs. Additional services include backup service, security service, web development service, email service, and so on.Before launching a website on a server, you have to build it first. Dhaka Web Host will help you to develop your website at a lower cost.

'Dhaka Web Host' Bangladeshi hosting provider

Basically, this hosting is designed for Bangladeshi people, and they wanted to meet the choice of local people. Let's discover some key features to identify the quality of the service. 

Good uptime:

They officially announced that their server uptime is 100%, but they ensure at least 99.99% uptime. Some biggest companies are fearing to take such a challenge, and unfortunately, I don't have the exact uptime data of previous months or years of Dhaka Web Host. I hope they are really doing great. 

Customer Support:

The support team makes instant phone support from 10 am. to 10 pm via phone calls or live chat. But they have 24/7 Email, Ticket, and Facebook page support for the whole year. 

Weekly backup:

Don't forget to take the backups of your files manually to prevent uncertainty. You can use the weekly backup system to get a tension-free experience, which this service provider provides. They have a self-restore jet backup plugin for weekly and monthly backup.

DDoS protection:

It is one of the most common cyber attacks, where the cybercriminals make frequent header requests to the victim's web server, and that makes the website down. To prevent this situation, Dhaka Web Host provides the DDoS protection service with an automated recognition system to provide you instant protection.

Free site optimization and migration:

The majority of hosting companies will not concerned about your website optimization. But Dhaka Web Host provides this amazing service without any charge. You can get even the website migration service for a fee of cost. No matter whether your website is in the LAMP stack server, Direct Admin, or CentOS Web panel, they will migrate for you to their server.

Cheap price:

Hosting plans are very cheap here, and you will get the proper value. The basic plans include almost all features at the very cheapest price with limited access. If you want more access then you can choose the advanced plans, which are also relatively cheap. 

Other features:

Some other essentials you will enjoy like a Flexible payment method, One-click app installers, a 30-day money-back guarantee, Offsite Backup, and so on. You will also get unlimited FTP accounts, MySQL databases, sub-domains, addon-domains, and parked domains with some plans, though basic plans have few restrictions. 

Website builders are available to help you to build up a professional website using drag and drop functionality, but you have to pay a little. 

Technical Specifications

Uptime 99.99% on an average
Disk space 1 GB - Unmetered Space Conditional
Bandwidth 50 GB - Unmetered
Memory type SSD
RAM Up to 4GB
CPU Up to 4CPU Core

Quick facts

  • They offer a 100% uptime guarantee, but it is not proven to me.
  • Performance is not enough good for larger websites because they are using less performed CPU and RAM.
  • Basic plans have some restrictions to use some unlimited features.
  • You can pay using local and international currency both.

Pros and Cons of Dhaka Web Host


  • Supports local and international currency to pay bills
  • Good page loading speed with SSD
  • Uptime is very good
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly backup system is available
  • A lot of ree services are available
  • Customer support is reliable


  • Basic plans have limited access to some features
  • Not suitable for the large website

All Services that Dhaka Web Host Provides

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Email service
  • Web development service
  • Website security service


If you intend to run a small website for your small business at a lower cost, then you can choose this hosting service for a more efficient result. Though this service is not much scalable, you can initially grow your business with a good support team. 

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9. Zhost

Zhost can be a better hosting solution for Bangladeshi people. They provide a free site migration service if you want to transfer your site to their hosting server from another hosting provider. They offer SEO-friendly web design at a lower rate.

Different types of hosting services of ZhostBD

There has a variety of shared hosting packages available in this hosting service, and those are good for their key features, which I discussed below. 

Free domain and SSL certificate:

They offer a free domain with their hosting plans along with a lifetime free premium SSL certificate. It is very common among hosting providers to offer free SSL certificates nowadays. You may choose popular TLDs are .COM, .NET, .ORG and enjoy your free domain for the first year. 

Regular backup:

You will have enjoy a regular backup system to protect your files and data from unnecessary occurrences. All daily, weekly, and monthly backup system is available in the Zhost’s system. So you can enjoy your tension-free experience by using this hosting. 

Flexible payment method:

Zhost supports both local and international currency to get payment. You can use local mobile banking systems like Bkash and Nagad, where you can also use VISA and Mastercard to pay using international currency.

Good uptime:

Uptime is a major factor to run a website smoothly.  Zhost is offering a 99.99% uptime, which is great. Though I have no previous data to justify the offerings, where some major hosting providers cant offer a 99.99% uptime through their multiple servers. 

30-day money-back guarantee:

Like many other hostings in Bangladesh, this one also provides a money-back guarantee. But this offer isn't applicable for you when you are choosing a discounted pack. This could be considered a drawback of this company I think.  

SEO tools and software:

There are a bunch of SEO tools available in their control panel like Visitors, Awstats, Webalizer, Errors, and Optimize Website. 

Some necessary software also included such as Softaculous Apps Installer, Select PHP Version, Setup Python App, Setup Ruby App, and Perl Modules.

Other features:

You will get Free site migration, customer support, Server Security, Data protection, Domain Management, Email service, and so on. 

You will enjoy unlimited MySQL Database, Email Account, Sub Domains Parked Domains,  and FTP Accounts.

Technical Specifications

Uptime 99.99% on an average
Disk space 1 GB - Unmetered
Bandwidth 40 GB - Unmetered
Memory type SSD
Server location USA
RAM Up to 8GB
CPU Up to 4CPU Core

Quick facts

  • Free domain with popular extensions and free SSL certificates available.
  • Both local and international payment system is supported.
  • A free website migration service is available to transfer your site on Zhost.
  • They offer daily, weekly, and monthly backups for more protection.

Pros and cons of Zhost


  • Supports local and international payment methods
  • Good performance through SSD memory
  • Free services are available
  • Different types of hostings are available with different plans
  • Basic plans also offer some unlimited access
  • A bunch of necessary tools is available


  • Money-back guarantee is under conditions
  • The server is located in only the USA

All Services that Zhost Provides

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Managed VPS hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Premium hosting
  • Web design
  • Domain registration


Though this provider provides different types of hosting services, I prefer this one for shared hosting. You can use their web development service along with their web hosting service. There have some lackings of this provider, but those are not any major issues. 

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10. HostMight - Best speedy hosting

The founder Jobair Alam founded HostMight in 2010. The hosting company provides different types of hosting packages for Bangladeshi people. Besides domain and hosting services, they provide email and web development services. If you are looking for local hosting providers who provide WordPress optimized hosting, then you can choose HostMight

'HostMight' Bangladeshi web hosting providers important features

This is an amazing hosting provider for Bangladeshi people. BDIX Hosting is mainly used by those who have Bangladesh Traffic Based websites because the server is located on BD. Let's see some key features of this company. 

LiteSpeed Web Server:

They are using LiteSpeed Web Server to boost your page speed. Where you will enjoy 5x faster page speed on static websites, and almost  40x faster page speed on dynamic websites. The server will give you 3x faster HTTPS than Apache.

CloudFlare Free CDN:

To get extra super page loading speed, you should use a CDN or content delivery network, which can give you an average 200% faster loading speed. All of the hosting plans of HostMight is included CDN to load your site faster from anywhere in the world. 

BDIX plans:

For ultra page load speed you can use BDIX hosting which is basically designed for Bangladeshi people. If you are running Bangladesh Traffic Based websites, then it is very perfect for you. This type of hosting works great for local e-commerce websites, news websites, as well as blog websites.

Flexible payment method:

This hosting company also support local and international payment system, I mean supports both BDT and USD. You can pay using mobile banking like Bkash and Rocket, and international payment processes like VISA and Mastercard. 

30-day money-back guarantee:

If you just want to try their service, then you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within this period you can ask for a refund, and they won't ask you any questions during the process. Otherwise, you can continue their amazing services. 

Advanced Security Shield:

It is a very common scenario to get a website attacked by cybercriminals, but proper protection can ensure your safety. This hosting company offers a malware protection service, which works automatically to remove vulnerabilities. 

Other features:

You also get 24/7 Technical Support, WordPress optimized host,  Free Website Migration, Free SSL Certificate, CloudLinux Operating System, Automatic Off-Site Data backup, cPanel Control Panel, Tech Specs, and Additional services

You will get unlimited MySQL database, FTP accounts, and Email accounts with every plan. 

Technical Specifications

Uptime 99.99% on an average
Disk space 1 GB - 2 x 256 GB
Bandwidth 20 GB - 5 TB
Memory type SSD
Server location USA
RAM Up to 16 GB
CPU Up to 4CPU Core

Quick facts

  • They offer BDIX hosting, though the server is only located in the USA.
  • The payment method supports BDT and USD currency.
  • You can run and maintain your WordPress website efficiently.
  • An automatic off-site data backups system is available to ensure more security.

Pros and cons of HostMight


  • Fastest web hosting in Bangladesh
  • Average uptime is good
  • Supports BDT and USD for payment
  • WordPress optimized hosting
  • Beginner-friendly services
  • Has good protection against vulnerability


  • Only two servers are located in the USA
  • Memory and bandwidth are limited

All Services that HostMight Provides

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Managed VPS hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • BDIX server for BD websites
  • WordPress hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Email service
  • Web development service


Though this hosting company says that they are providing good BDIX hosting, I think that demand is wrong because only two data centers are located in the USA what they are using. But their overall performance is enough good for Bangladeshi people to run a website smoothly.

try HostMight now

More hosting services in Bangladesh

How to Choose The Right Web Hosting in Bangladesh?

When choosing the perfect web hosting providers in Bangladesh, you have to consider a lot of things that I pointed out below. If you fail to make the proper decision to buy hosting, it will make an overall impact on your website as well as your business. 

Let's read carefully and make the decision properly. 

Payment methods:

As you purchase your service from local providers, you should get some extra benefits like flexible payment methods. Though almost all major hosting companies offer dual currency payment systems, some are still offering single currency. 

Good companies offer international payment systems like Mastercard and VISA. And also offers payment systems using local banks and popular mobile banking systems. 

Server locations:

After selecting your targeted audience's locations, you also have to choose the server location nearest your audience. Number of servers matters because your audiences can try to visit your website from any place in the world. If you get visitors mainly from Bangladesh, you should choose BDIX hosting, and make sure the server is located in Bangladesh. 

Customer services:

When you use a DB hosting service you will get some extra advantages if you face any technical issues. You can contact the providers using your native language and describe things more deeply. You should choose them depending on response time and the mediums they use to contact. All top web hosting companies provide better customer services. 

Memory space and bandwidth:

From my personal experience, Bangladeshi companies are providing less memory space compared to international ones. And I also think that the given memory space is enough to create value against cost. But you must choose a plan which offers unlimited bandwidth or even at least a good monthly limit. 

Speed and performance:

Speed is now a vital matrix on search engine results. A good speedy site can make your page appear on top search results in different ways. First of all, higher speed increases conversion rate and decreases bounce rate. Secondly, search engine crawlers find those pages more healthy. 

Free services:

Hosting providers basically offer different free services such as SSL certificates, site migration, free domain, and so on. But free services always don't represent quality service. First, you have to make sure of good quality hosting and then look for free services. 

Additional services:

Some Bangladeshi hosting companies offer additional services like Web development services, SEO services, and Marketing services. If you need such services, you can use those along with hosting packages. 

Money-back guarantee:

Most companies offer a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. But some companies offer conditional money-back guarantees. I recommend you to avoid those providers, though they are less expensive. 


Different companies offer different types of protections, and those could be DDoS protection, Malware attack protection, or Phishing attack protection. A strong firewall can reduce your online security risks. 

Limitation of services:

Quality companies offer some services for unlimited use and are even included in cheap plans. Unlimited services like Bandwidth, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, Email accounts, and even disk space. Sometimes unlimited services cost an extra charge. 

Updated technology:

It is very crucial to use updated technology while using hosting services. If you use a hosting that uses backdated technology, your higher-quality website won't perform well or even stop working. You should consider the Software version, Control panel, and so on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of Bangladeshi hosting?

There are many trusted domain hosting companies in Bangladesh at present and providing good services for a long time. There have many advantages to using bd web hosting and some of the benefits are highlighted below. 

  • You can make payment with a local bank card or a mobile account like bKash / Rocket.
  • Native language is preferable here, so you can contact more efficiently.
  • Some providers offer the facility to use BD servers which are useful for Bangla sites.
  • Customer support is more transparent compared to foreign companies.
  • Some providers offer some services that are only designed for Bangladeshi people. 

This is not all, and the only thing I suggest you to choose a quality provider to enjoy a good experience to get BD service. 

Q: What are the problems with BD hosting?

Besides advantages, there are a few disadvantages to getting Bangladeshi web hosting. If you analyze any service provider's website, you will be able to find out some drawbacks instantly. But some problems are hidden, you only experience them after using the services.  Some open disadvantages are below:

  • Small disk space and limited bandwidth
  • Higher price compared to provided services
  • Less feature availability

Some hidden disadvantages are below:

  • Less technical skills and poor customer service
  • More downtime and server failure
  • Poor security and protection

I again suggest you buy hosting from quality providers because they are really good and international standards. 

Q: How can I buy a domain name in Bangladesh?

Buying a domain name in BD is not so hard, just follow the step-by-step instructions. 

  1. Choose a reliable domain registrar in Bangladesh.
  2. Find a domain availability checker tool on their website.
  3. Choose your desired domain name and extension.
  4. Add your domain name to the cart.
  5. Complete the registration form with the correct information.
  6. Checkout and make payment in BDT or USD.
  7. Verify ownership of your new domain.

You have to make sure of the renewal price before purchasing a domain name because some companies make an extra charge during renewal. Price varies from domain extensions, where top-level extensions are less pricey. 

Q: How can I buy hosting using bKash?

First of all, you have to choose your desired hosting plan from a BD provider and complete registration. Then make a checkout and go to the payment option. 

You can make your payment using bKash in different ways.  If you want to do it manually, just pay them with or without the bKash app, and let them know about your payment detail by making contact with them. 

Alternatively, you can make a deposit to their bank account, where an additional charge will be included if you are making the deposit in a branch outside Dhaka. 

The most easiest and secure way to make a bKash payment is to do it under a payment gateway like SSLcommerz. 

Q: What is BDIX hosting?

BDIX stands for Bangladesh Internet Exchange which is basically designed for Bangladeshi people. This hosting is made up of many ISPs or Internet Service Providers in BD. 

Its main function is to share high-speed data between internet service providers and BDIX members. Bangladeshi users can easily access the information from the BDIX server through this service. 

Basically, local visitors will enjoy a high page loading speed while visiting the website from Bangladesh. If your traffic is Bangladesh-based, then you should use this type of hosting; otherwise, you should avoid it. 

Moreover, BDIX hosting plans' price is a little higher than other hosting plans because of its quality and effectiveness for Bangladeshi people.


When choosing a good web hosting, you should consider the price, quality, and performance. A good hosting service always offers a good uptime, large disk space, unlimited bandwidth, high security, fastest speed, money-back guarantee, and so on. 

For Bangladeshi hosting services, you should also highly consider the payment systems, server location, and customer service. 

Personally, I recommend you to use hosting services from ItNutHosting. Because I found them as the best international standard hosting provider overall, plus some extra facilities available for Bangladeshi people. 

Alternatively, you can choose ExonHost.I was a bit confused about which hosting is the best between IiNutHosing and ExonHost. Because both are high-quality hosting providers, it is a very pleasing thing to me as a Bangladeshi person. 

I hope this guide will definitely help you to determine the best web hosting in Bangladesh. So try to find your desired hosting services among the top selected ones.

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