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Unleash Your Online Presence: Top 15 Personal Website Name Generators That Are Rocking in 2023

So you've finally decided to create your personal website – Congratulations! I know you're excited, but then it hits you, "What do I name my website?" Website names, much like first impressions, make a huge impact on how your site is perceived. 

Having a creative, catchy and unique website name is essential to making your online presence felt, but coming up with one can be a daunting task. Don't worry; I've got your back!

In this guide, I will walk you through the top 15 personal website name generators of 2023 that will save you from hours of brainstorming. 

What are the best personal website name generators

1. Lean Domain Search - The Prolific Name Generator

Lean Domain Search is a robust domain name generator tool created by Automattic, the same team behind WordPress.com.

This platform has been assisting users in finding available domain names since 2012.


  1. Auto pairings with popular keywords.

  2. Filters for sorting and searching.

  3. Instant domain name availability check.

  4. Generates hundreds of suggestions in seconds.

  5. Presents domain names with .com extensions.

  6. Smart name generation based on your provided word.

  7. Easy-to-navigate interface.

  8. Saves search history.

  9. Favourite domain marking option.

  10. Offers social media username availability.


The pairing with popular keywords can be a major SEO advantage.


Only generates .com domain names.

Technical Specifications:

Works well on all major browsers.

2. NameMesh - The Creative and Versatile Domain Name Innovator

NameMesh is a versatile tool offering multiple categories for your website naming process.

Since its inception in 2013, NameMesh has been a go-to option for creative minds.


  1. Provides a list of suggestions divided into eight fun categories.

  2. Can search for names with multiple keywords.

  3. Checks for domain availability instantly.

  4. Suggests domain names with various extensions.

  5. Easy to use interface.

  6. Takes into account SEO-friendly terms.

  7. Suggests alternatives if chosen domain is taken.

  8. Offers registration options for available domains.

  9. Takes into account character length.

  10. Highlights common, short, new, and fun domain extensions.


With a variety of categories, it offers a wide range of creative options.


The site can feel overwhelming with too many suggestions.

Technical Specifications:

Fully responsive on all major browsers and mobile devices.

Remember, having a personal website in today's digital age isn't just an option; it's a necessity.

3. DomainWheel - The Smart and Quick Name Generator

DomainWheel is a smart domain naming tool that generates catchy and creative names.

Started in 2018, DomainWheel has been turning out creative names with a modern twist.


  1. Simple and easy-to-use interface.

  2. Suggestions include various domain extensions.

  3. Uses AI to generate smart and creative suggestions.

  4. Quick availability checker for domain names.

  5. Offers SEO-friendly domain names.

  6. Provides a list of related words for more ideas.

  7. Instant domain registration link.

  8. Includes popular top-level domains (TLDs).

  9. Shows recently checked domain names.

  10. Offers business name suggestions.


It's a fast and smart generator that offers modern domain names.


Might not always provide meaningful name suggestions.

Technical Specifications:

Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.

4. BustAName - The Advanced Domain Hunter

BustAName uses word combinatorics to provide a list of potential domain names.

BustAName has been around since 2005, helping users to create unique domain names.


  1. Domain name builder using your provided keywords.

  2. Multiple word ordering for more options.

  3. Option to set the character length.

  4. Quick domain availability check.

  5. Dotcom domain name generation.

  6. Easy-to-use interface.

  7. Grouping option for separate words.

  8. Saved searches feature.

  9. Option to add prefixes and suffixes.

  10. Domain purchasing option.


A unique approach to domain name generation with combinatorics.


Limited to .com domain names.

Technical Specifications:

Works well on all major browsers.

5. Panabee - The International Domain and Business Name Generator

Panabee is a simple way to search for domain names, app names, and company names.

Started as a brainstorming application in 2011, Panabee has expanded to serve users worldwide.


  1. Generates name by using syllables, abbreviations, and phrases.

  2. Checks availability for .com and country-specific domains.

  3. Provides related terms for more options.

  4. Checks social media username availability.

  5. Checks Google Play and Apple App Store for app name availability.

  6. Descriptive words adding option.

  7. Multi-lingual support for domain search.

  8. Shows related domain names for sale.

  9. User-friendly interface.

  10. Offers purchase options for available domain names.


The multi-lingual support makes it a versatile choice.


Some of the domain names suggested can be quite expensive.

Technical Specifications:

Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.

6. Nameboy - The Oldest and Most Reliable Name Generator

Nameboy is a popular domain name generator that uses your keywords to create a list of potential website names.

Launched in 1999, Nameboy has a rich history of generating creative domain names.


  1. Generates names based on multiple keywords.

  2. Provides a wide variety of domain name suggestions.

  3. Allows for saving favorite names.

  4. Checks domain availability.

  5. Direct domain purchase options.

  6. Includes hyphen and rhyme options.

  7. Offers both .com and other TLDs.

  8. Suggests premium domain names for sale.

  9. List of expired domain names.

  10. User-friendly interface.


It's one of the oldest and most reliable domain name generators.


The site may suggest premium domains which can be pricey.

Technical Specifications:

Works well on all major browsers.

7. Instant Domain Search - The Rapid Domain Checker

Instant Domain Search gives you domain results as you type, making it a quick and effective tool.

Instant Domain Search has been serving users with quick domain search solutions since 2005.


  1. Instant domain search results.

  2. Checks .com, .net, and .org domain extensions.

  3. Displays domain sales and auctions.

  4. SSL and hosting services.

  5. Related domain suggestions.

  6. Safe and secure domain purchase.

  7. Shows popular domain registrations.

  8. Clean and simple interface.

  9. List of premium domains.

  10. Social media handle availability.


Extremely quick search results.


Limited to .com, .net, and .org extensions.

Technical Specifications: Fully compatible with all major browsers.

8. Wordoid - The Inventive Name Creator

Wordoid is an intelligent naming tool that generates short, catchy, and unique names.

Operating since 2009, Wordoid specializes in creating brandable names.


  1. Generates short, catchy names.

  2. Language selection feature.

  3. Domain availability check.

  4. Length and quality customization.

  5. Creates names in 5 different languages.

  6. Offers .com and .net domain extensions.

  7. Checks domain name availability instantly.

  8. Provides pattern options: beginning, end, or containing.

  9. Saves your search history.

  10. User-friendly interface.


Excellent for creating unique, brandable names.

Cons: Lacks options for different domain extensions.

Technical Specifications:

Works well on all major browsers.

9. DomainsBot - The Expert Name Spinner

DomainsBot spins your keywords into thousands of potential domain names.

DomainsBot has been a leading domain name suggestion tool since 2004.


  1. Transforms your ideas into great domain names.

  2. Provides suggestions for domain names with various extensions.

  3. Instant domain availability check.

  4. Domain name spinner based on your keywords.

  5. Synonyms, suffix, and prefix options.

  6. Offers related domain name suggestions.

  7. Available in multiple languages.

  8. Allows for saving favorite domain names.

  9. Supports IDN domain search.

  10. Domain purchase options.


Great for transforming simple keywords into creative domain names.


The interface could be overwhelming for beginners.

Technical Specifications:

Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.

10. Namelix - The AI-Powered Name Generator

Namelix uses AI to generate short, brandable names for your business or website.

Namelix is a recent addition to the field and has been serving users since 2018.


  1. AI-powered name generation.

  2. Generates brandable and catchy names.

  3. Instant domain availability check.

  4. Offers multiple domain extensions.

  5. Suggests premium domain names.

  6. User-friendly interface.

  7. Domain name length filter.

  8. Business name generator.

  9. Provides logos for generated names.

  10. Saves your search history.


The AI-powered tool offers unique and creative name suggestions.


It often suggests premium names which can be pricey.

Technical Specifications:

Fully responsive on all major browsers and mobile devices.

11. NameStall - The Comprehensive Naming Toolkit

NameStall offers a suite of naming tools including a domain name generator, brandable domain list, and high paying keywords finder.

Since 2013, NameStall has been offering versatile domain naming tools to its users.


  1. Offers a variety of tools including a domain name generator, brandable domain list, and more.

  2. Allows for word group selection.

  3. Offers different TLDs.

  4. Domain name availability check.

  5. Allows flexibility in word order.

  6. Offers different naming algorithms.

  7. Filters for part of speech.

  8. Domain purchase options.

  9. Provides domain suggestions with keywords.

  10. Instant results on search.


Provides comprehensive tools for domain name generation.


The user interface could be more intuitive.

Technical Specifications:

Compatible with all major browsers.

12. I Want My Name - The Global Domain Hunter

I Want My Name offers a simple and fast domain search across 500+ international domain extensions.

Since 2008, I Want My Name has been providing global domain name solutions.


  1. Simple and user-friendly interface.

  2. Covers over 500 international domain extensions.

  3. Instant domain availability check.

  4. Provides personalized recommendations.

  5. Easy domain transfer and management.

  6. One-click setup for a range of website builders and platforms.

  7. WHOIS privacy included.

  8. Offers DNS hosting.

  9. Domain purchase options.

  10. Suggests domain hacks.


Excellent for finding international domain extensions.


Lacks advanced naming features.

Technical Specifications:

Fully responsive on all major browsers and mobile devices.

13. Domainr - The Fast Domain Explorer

Domainr helps you explore the entire domain name space beyond the generic .com, .net and .org, and discover new and interesting domain names.

Domainr was founded in 2008 as an innovative domain exploration tool.


  1. Fast domain name exploration.

  2. Instant domain availability check.

  3. Offers .com, .net, .org and hundreds of other TLDs.

  4. Shows domain status and related options.

  5. Provides purchase and transfer options.

  6. WHOIS lookup available.

  7. Offers domain hacks.

  8. User-friendly interface.

  9. Provides a list of recent searches.

  10. Mobile app available for iOS.


Fast and effective, with a vast array of TLD options.


Does not generate names based on keywords.

Technical Specifications:

Works well on all major browsers and mobile devices.

14. Shopify Business Name Generator - The E-commerce Name Specialist

Shopify’s Business Name Generator generates tons of domain name ideas for your future website.

This tool is a part of the Shopify platform, which has been helping businesses grow since 2006.


  1. Generates business name ideas based on your keyword.

  2. Provides available .com domain names.

  3. Easy to use with instant results.

  4. Directly integrates with Shopify eCommerce platform.

  5. Offers hundreds of domain name suggestions.

  6. User-friendly interface.

  7. Direct domain purchase and store setup option.

  8. Provides names suitable for eCommerce businesses.

  9. SEO-friendly domain names.

  10. Saves your search history.


Excellent for eCommerce businesses planning to use Shopify.


Only offers .com domain names.

Technical Specifications:

Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.

15. Naminum - The Startup Name Expert

Naminum is the leading free startup name, company name, business name, and website name generator.

Naminum has been serving startups and businesses with naming solutions since 2012.


  1. Designed specifically for startup names.

  2. Offers various name generation themes.

  3. Instant domain availability check.

  4. Provides list of trending startup names.

  5. Easy to use with intuitive interface.

  6. Generates names based on a keyword.

  7. Provides variations by adding suffixes.

  8. Option to sort by length or alphabet.

  9. Suitable for brand and company names.

  10. Direct domain purchase links.


Ideal for startups and businesses looking for brandable names.


The suggestions are limited to the added suffixes.

Technical Specifications:

Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.


The domain name of your website is like a digital street address for your brand. With the variety of domain name generators provided in this guide, you're now empowered with the right tools to carve out your unique corner in the digital world. 

Remember, your domain name should be catchy, memorable, and representative of what your brand stands for. Choose wisely as this is a key step in building a strong online presence. So, set your creativity free and pick a name that will leave a lasting impression. Best of luck on your naming journey!

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