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7 professional website templates and themes platforms

Professionalism is the key to becoming successful in your business and sometimes personal life as well. So while you thinking about running a personal or business website, please make it much more professional.

You can easily find out your desired professional template and themes on some amazing platforms, which I listed below.

personal professional website templates

What are website themes and templates?

The theme defines the overall look of your website. this includes color scheme, layout, and style elements. Theme can control the overall visual and structural appearance of a website. While the template is the pre-build page designed that can be implemented within your website. 

Professional platforms to get website templates and themes

1. ThemeForest

Themeforest is the most popular platform to get different types of themes and templates. It offers templates and themes for different platforms like WordPress, e-commerce, CMS, or simple HTML template. It is also categorized into different categories on a work basis. Themeforest is the child company of Envato

2. TemplateMonster

TempleteMonster is the giant platform for website templates and themes. It is so hard task to reveal all types of products just by looking at one after another. But they have an amazing organizing system that will definitely help you to find out your desired templates or themes. They offer almost all types of themes and templates for almost all platforms. 

The company starts its journey in 2002, and now it becomes the leading digital marketplace.

3. StudioPress

StudioPress is an amazing place for WordPress users because it only serves things for WordPress. Their open-source framework called Genesis allows you to create quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress.

More than 2,60,000 users using this framework for more than 6,00,000 WordPress. It will work great when you think about getting their themes. Numerous WordPress themes are available on their platform. 

4. Rocket Theme

RocketTheme is a suitable place for Joomla users along with WordPress. A huge number of themes, plugins, and extensions collections are available here.

Are you working with other CMS platforms like Magento? Then you are also welcome here because a lot of Magento themes and extensions are available here. 

5. Mojo Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace is another massive place to get different types of themes and templates. You will get here HTML and email templates along with themes for some popular CMS platforms. A bunch of plugins are available here, and they offer you to install the plugin in different ways that you like. 

6. Templatic

Templatic is a small platform to get themes and plugins for your WordPress website. It offers you to create different kinds of websites with their existing templates. You will be able to create websites like e-commerce, blog, real estate, events and so many on. The interesting thing is it offers a number of free themes for WordPress users. 

7. ThemePlanet

ThemePlanet offers themes for different website platforms and different types of websites. It has also free themes, but the saddest thing is they only offer three themes for free. 

Final thoughts

Please do not collect your themes or templates from any unknown platforms, there can have some security issues. If you fail to make sure your website security, your all effort will go in vain.

Lots of company offers free themes and templates, you can use those products, but some free products also may contain security leaks. 

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