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Welcome to TorikulIslam.com, Your reliable source for Website making tips, Source code, Tutorials, Security tips, SEO suggestions, Technology information and so on.

TorikulIslam.com is founded in 2020, and planning to make a strong online community. To reach this goal Tarikul islam is here to share personal skills among others.

About Tarikul islam

Hello, this is Tarikul islam. I have been working as a Web developer for more than 5 years.

Besides PHP and SQL I like to work with JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, HTACCESS, CSS, and HTML. I also learned about a few CMSs, Frameworks, SEO, and Website Security.

I don’t like to stick myself in a corporate world, as well as freelancing. So I decided to learn for myself by helping others. I discuss everything on my blog that I know deeply.

My journey started from 'BASIS' by learning basic Web design courses. I got a scholarship there. Then I started learning from free online sources.

Thank you

Our contact information

Address: Rayenda, Sharankhola, Bagerhhut, Bangladesh. Sharankhola - 9030

Contact Number : +880 1783 992936

Email:- contact@torikulislam.com

You can also reach us at www.torikulislam.com/contact/