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24 amazing ways to get website traffic in 2023

Website traffic is a vital thing for an online entrepreneur. But it is not so easy to get more and more valuable website traffic, it also takes time to do things properly.

I pointed here some strategies that can help you to grow your online audience size. keep reading, and implement on your website.

ways to get website traffic

Amazing ways to get website traffic

#Optimize your content

1. Write high quality, fresh and unique content

Write high-quality and engaging contents that create value. Your content should be unique and fresh. While you write content try to add extra informative information to it.

If you can make your audience engaged with your content then they will come back again and again to your website. Google notice the percentage of bounce rate and the percentage of repeated users.

Bounce rate refers to the users' activity when they leave a website without doing anything. It makes a huge impact on search engine results. High-quality content can reduce bounce rate and also can make come users back again. 

2. Create shareable content

More and more shares of your content will help you to get new visitors. So write content that users may intend to share. So the question comes which content do users like to share? The answer is users mainly like to share informative and research-based content. The case study is more likely to be shared because it can solve particular problems of visitors.

A question can arise which time and why a person shares some content with others? The answer depends on many things. Users can share content just to save for the future. Or he/she may share content by intending to help others with some amazing information. So do your best to make your content shareable, and get more visitors to your website.

3. Select trending topics

If you write amazing content after making a lot of research and gathering information that no one is interested in, your all effort will go in vain. So make research about a particular topic before writing content. Find out trending and popular topics to work on. Hopefully, it will bring you some potential audiences.

4. Do frequent updates

You have to keep your content always updated because the trend and validity of the information can always be changed with time. Outdated content won't attract audiences, instead, they will feel such content like misleading information. So you can easily realize how important to keep the content updated is.

5. Merge similar posts

Search engines like lengthy content because prolonged content can gather lots of essential information. If you make multiple posts on a similar topic, it will make less value compared to the single lengthy post on a single topic. It will bring you a good view of search engines' eyes because readers also like to get such results on search engines.

6. Incorporate videos on content

Who knows what types of content your audiences like. Some users don't like to read lengthy content, they just want to get the main point of the whole content. You can include a short informative video within your content.

Otherwise, sometimes text-based content remains things unclear to the audience. To describe it more clearly you should use animated explanations, and you can use video here. Search engines make separate impressions for videos, and it can be a great chance to get more visitors. You can also get a lot of visitors from YouTube.

7. Incorporate images into content

A single image can say thousands of words if you can prepare it wisely. To describe a prolonged thing shortly, the infographic is becoming more and more popular day by day. Images also make the website visually attractive and professional.

A lot of visitors search for images instead of content on the search engines, so there has a great chance to get more visitors. Search engines also like contents, which includes a lot of essential images.

#Create an online community

8. Being Helpful in Forums and Q&A Sites

There are different types of forums and Q&A sites available on the internet, find out forums that go to your expertise. Discuss different relevant topics, help other people, and share knowledge with others. The active presence will give you another identity, then you can promote your website content that makes value.

9. Get Active on Social Media

Social media is the place where lots of people gather without any particular intentions, and just to spend some time. You can create value for their time by sharing helpful and informative pieces of content.

Try to make showing your expertise to others, then while they see your content they will have to think ‘oh it may be another great content.’

10. Appear on podcasts

Podcasts are becoming so popular day by day, so it can be a great idea to generate more website traffic by hosting podcast episodes. The podcast is an audio-based content form, podcast audios are split into different episodes. 

11. Host Webinars

The webinar is the kind of virtual seminar, where audiences join virtually on the internet. You can host webinars by inviting popular guest speakers. If you can do it strategically, then it will bring you some valuable visitors. Try to solve their particular problems by answering their questions. 

#Optimize your website for SEO

12. Be Search Engine Friendly

You will be more successful while you get more and more organic traffic. Because organic visitors were also searching for what you provide. Most organic visitors come from search engines, so make a better relationship with search engines. 

There are so many search engines, but most users use few search engines, while Google is in the top position. To optimize your website and content for particular search engines. 

13. Long-Tail Keywords

Before search engines were used to show results from exact matching keywords. This scenario is totally changed nowadays because search engines show results by realizing users' intentions. Long-tail keywords can more describe user intentions than short keywords. 

14. Find high-volume, low-competition keywords

Search volume refers to the number of searches per month. If your selected keywords are high-volume, then it makes a high chance to appear your content on search engine results. But most of the high-volume keywords are also high-competitive.

It means lots of people use those particular keywords to rank them on search engines. It is very tough to get a higher position with such keywords, only high authority sites can maintain good positions with quality content.

But not all of the high-volume keywords are also high-competitive, you have to make a lot of research to find out high-volume low-competitive keywords. 

15. Target topics with search traffic potential

Nowadays keyword research is not like before, and it is becoming more and more critical day by day. But it creates exactly value to users. You may see some web pages are ranked for the keywords, which are not included within their content. But the content can fulfill users' search intent, it is just all about the relevant topics. 

So please do not stack you with keyword research, make research topics also. Find out the traffic potential rate, and analyze the SERP page deeply. 

16. Internal Linking 

A lot of bloggers avoid this simple but super powerful strategy. Internal linking means linking your one web page to another page within a single website. It helps to boost domain authority and pass link juice from high authority pages to low authority pages. 

Internal linking helps search engines crawl and index the new pages. Search engines like internal linking, but I suggest you not do it a lot, limit the number to under 150 links within a page. 

Internal linking also creates value for users by providing more information for a particular keyword. Forget about search engines for a moment, do everything for your visitors. If your visitors like your content, then search engines will automatically fall in love with your content.

17. Research the Competitors

Research your competitors and find out their strategy behind success. Do something better than your competitors, try to get backlinks from where your competitor's contents are linked. If you can spy on them strategically, you will get some amazing keyword ideas. 

#Optimize your website

18. Website speed and performance

Test your website speed on different website speed checkers. Google also provides such amazing tolls to test website speed with helpful suggestions. There are lots of free website speed checkers available on the internet. Check your website on multiple checkers, it will give you a clear overview.

Website speed makes a huge impact on SEO as well as user experiences. Slow page speed makes the bounce rate higher. Bounce rate refers to the situation where users leave web pages just immediately after visiting without doing anything. 

19. Examine your analytics data

Check your website errors and potential improvement areas. There are lots of amazing tools available on the internet to check website for free, though some website checker requires payments.

Collect different types of data from your website, and analyze the data to make improvements. Make an error-free website to ensure a better user experience. 

20. Memorable Domain Name

Register a domain name for your website that people can memorize easily. If you write helpful and informative content, your website visitors will memorize your domain name just to visit again. So you should help them by creating the perfect domain name for your website. 

#Other supportive things

21. Email Marketing

Almost all business owners use email campaigns to grow up their business. It is a very professional way to reach potential audiences. It is a very easy and budget-friendly promotional strategy, even you can run your email campaign totally for free. 

You can choose different email marketing platforms, or simply do it yourself. Use attractive templates to attract readers. There are lots of email template builders available on the internet, you can even get free and customizable templates from them. 

22. Free products or software

Free things always attract people if those things can create even a little value. Offer some free products or services on your website. It can make some permanent website visitors, Visitors are the main asset of a website, keep them even by giving free service. Keep it in your mind that they will return one day.  

23. Guest Blogging

Write on others' websites and then link back to your website. Make relationships with other website owners, and share visitors with each other. While making a link on a guest post, try to make sure that it makes exact value to users. If it makes, you will get a lot of visitors from high authority websites. 

24. Advertisement

Advertisement is a way to make website visitors, which most business organizations use. But I don't recommend you to run an advertisement if you are at the beginning level or running a small business.

Always try to get organic traffic, they are highly potential to become customers. Only run advertisement when you want to run an event-based or a particular campaign.


The common intention of someone to run a website is to get valuable visitors. Without getting many numbers of visitors it is almost impossible to fulfill personal or business goals. You have to make sure that your website visitors are getting proper value, without providing them exact value it also doesn't make sense to get visitors. 

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